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9 months ago

These guys are magicians! We were a new company with a new website and the guys at InbuiltSoft helped us to achieve amazing results in the first few months in business. They took us from obscurity to page one search engine results for most of our keywords! In addition, Arbin and his team have been efficient, professional, and communicative鈥攖hey have been a pleasure work with. I highly recommend working with InbuiltSoft.


9 months ago

I was in an agreement with Arbin Dass from inbuiltsoft, and he promise very good and competitive offer for us to build our website.

and ask for 100% pre-payment through their website.

I insist to pay partial via paypal, and they ask me to pay 150USD firstly.
I paid.

and then the nightmare starting….
the job is very rough, the website is not works, the link/icon on the website is not work.
the construction and wording, font is not as plan.

we start to communicate again and again, they just delay and delay without much improvement.

we decide to ask money back, they rejected and refuse to going on the project, and instead of asking for the balance payment to continue.

I am very shame of their job and the attitude before and after payment.
I want f… all of them and hope they don't get any business to rob off people likes me…


3 years ago

I just wanted to take a moment and thank the team at InBuiltSoft for all of your attention and hard work, getting my website looking good and ranked in the search engines. Since signing up with you about a year ago my rankings have improved considerably and I am receiving much more organic traffic to my site. Also, I really want to thank you for always being so responsive. Anytime I鈥檝e had an issue or needed help with anything you have taken care of me so quickly and I really appreciate it. I have had websites for over 15 years and have had some bad experiences (some really terrible experiences as I have shared with you), all leaving me feeling like I couldn鈥檛 trust anyone in the SEO business but I have to say that you have renewed my faith in the industry. I was honestly not expecting such wonderful attention to detail and great customer service, I have been so pleasantly surprised. Arbin, you have always been so great at responding to my concerns and I have to also give a shout out to Siddharth, my project manager, who I adore. He has been so wonderful and always super responsive when I have a problem. Very easy to communicate with and honestly, so easy to work with. You always make me feel like a VIP! Thank you so much and I look forward to many more years working together.



4 years ago contacted me to provide advanced SEO. It is one of these Indian companies, which prays on American e-commerce firms.
Unfortunately I took a chance with them and it soon turned into a complete nightmare. They will lie to your face, send you false misleading screen shots, will deliver minimum work done and when you complain about their poor and misleading performance they will talk and trick you into the dirt.

There is no advances seo or any knowledge of advanced seo at They go down a list, which mostly exist of directories and search engine submissions, which you can get for free anywhere, and then list that as work done. They also listed me giving them FTP and log in information as their work done. So I paid them for them to take my information, which I gave them in the first place and then they requested it again so they could charge me for that task of requesting that information. That's the kind of scam that is The reason I wanted to try them out, was that they promised to write original articles. After I payed them they posted 2 articles in some
directory. for $150. 2 articles! When I looked at the articles I saw it was 2 times the same article, not 2 original, unique articles! 1 articel 2 times!

But then I saw it was the article I wrote for our website! When I complained they say I approved it(never did). That is the articel I wrote you posted in 2 places. They didn't write any articles as promised, they copied and pasted my articel from my website 2 times for $150!
That was about 5 minutes of work copying and pastime my articel! These are Indian Bazaar scammers of the worst kind. Lastly I have to say this, as you sure get a laugh out of this. After I started complaining about using my articel instead of them writing original articles
as promised they shifted the issue away (as scammers always do) and started up with trying to convince me that our website was on the 1st page of Google due to their work, including sending me fake screen shots of Google 1st page and telling me "to believe them". This was of course a complete lie, easily discredited. They are basically looking for victims that don't know any better and eat up their lies. These are hardcore scam artist and people should know never to engage with in any form or shape as you are sure to loose your money and will have very little to show for it, but a bunch of worthless, minimal postings which will do nothing in regards of advanced seo.

Is Inbuiltsoft legit or scam? Can I trust Inbuiltsoft?

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