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6 months ago


Let me start with I wish I could put ZERO stars.

This company is SCAMMY. Please save yourself a ton of trouble.

I got tempted by a promo and placed an order without seeing that these scammers had not applied said promo. When I received the invoice, I almost died. It was almost 3 times what I thought I was paying for.
So I immediately contacted them asking to cancel. That was basically a few hours after placing the order.

They responded claiming that they can't cancel the order because the product has already been shipped and provided me with a tracking number. As expected, when clicking on the status it said "Waiting for package", or something of the sort, indicating that the shipping label had been created but the product wasn't in their hands. Sure enough, now that almost a month has passed, my suspicions were confirmed : they sent the package 10 DAYS AFTER I requested the payment, leaving more than ample time to cancel that order had they been honest.

Now that's typical, that's them trying to force me to buy by wearing me down/discouraging me as they don't provide shipping labels so the return shipping is on me (about $30), and on top of that they intend to charge ME the initial shipping cost, despite it being THEIR fault if it has been shipped in the first place. So they try to discourage us from returning.

I am exploring legal action, with the help of other people scammed by this company, intending to ask for a full refund (including both shipping fees) and probably adding filing fees and damages in the form of a couple of days worth of income lost due to this entire hassle (because this doesn't begin to cover how much time I wasted dealing with this insanity). FEEL FREE TO JOIN US, there is strength in number 🙂

Please guys stay away from these people.

Is Incensewaterfallcones legit or scam? Can I trust Incensewaterfallcones?

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