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5 months ago

I purchased a vacation getaway on 07/10/2020 to wildwood nj.. 2 days pass when gov. Wolf declared a mandatory 14 day quaranteen for anyone leaving pa, (my trip was only for 5 days), & another 14 day quaranteen when coming back into pa,(not possible). I reached out to incentv on 07/13/2020 via email to request a refund, auto-reply said someone would get back to me in a few days, no reply, this went on for 3 more times, someone named"joe" finally replied to my emails stating he forwarded my info nd that i would hear from them soon. Never happened, it literally took them 4 minutes to deduct my account hundreds of dollars and to date i am still waiting…there is no # listed and the links to contact them are all broken, so it is literally impossible to reach them any other way besides email! I am literally days away from contacting state attorney general to file a complaint! Do yourself a favor and stay away from these people! You do not need this kind of headache, you've been warned!


8 months ago

I bought one of Incentrev 's half off deasls, only to find out later, that the voucher was only good in Atlanta GA, but I live up north in Ohio

and they will not respond to any emails that I've sent over the past 2 months, and when I do email them – I get a bounceback to allow 24 hours, and there is a LINK – that does not work.

what a piece of crap company.


8 months ago

MERCHANDISE NEVER ARRIVED. Ordered KN95 face masks. They were advertised as being in stock and would be delivered that week. It is 6 weeks later and still have not arrived. I have contacted the company 3 times on their website and they have not replied. I would not recommend this company to anyone. They keep your money and do not ship the product ordered. They do not respond when you try to contact them.


1 year ago

I paid $66.75 for "1/2" price) golf certificates that would have cost $60.00 if I bought them at the course. Contacted IncentRev and they responded "We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Bottom line…..Do not give them any money.


3 years ago

Managed to screw a 70 year old retired police officer out of $50. Order somehow doubled from intended amount for discount certificates at a Lake Charles restaurant. "Service" site did not want to hear my story. When I saw that double was charged on my bank account I immediately emailed incentrev. Three or four days later I was told that that's what I ordered and they would not cancel the extra nor return the overpayment. There is no "service" at this company.


3 years ago

They sold me gift certificates to an escape room that were good for 3 years. 3 months later the escape room closed and they would not refund my money. They said they would exchange my order but only for more gift certificates which of course they did not have any I was interested in nor any selection based on what I had purchased in the first place. Will never buy from them again


4 years ago

I asked incentRev for a refund to which they claimed they could not reimburse due to a "terms and sale clause" which states they said all sales are final. That should have been my first clue to a non-reputable company. Any reputable company would reimburse you for something you did not receive. They over charged my account and refuse to return the over charged amount. incentRev does not appear to have a clue as to what kind of company they represent. Any company can walk away from the transaction and it appears it does not make any difference to incentRev.
I am suggesting you stay away from half off deals and in this case as they are too good to be true. Again my bad. So I suggest you stay away as well.

Is IncentRev legit or scam? Can I trust IncentRev?

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