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1 year ago

Drove 3 hours to buy a 8 month old car that the sales manager informed me was immaculate. It wasn't, it looked like it was 3+ years old. His attitude was poor also. Absolutely not the experience you would expect from a Volkswagen main dealer


1 year ago

We write a first bad review here because of a lack of interest and concern from Inchcape with respects to our complaint dated 27 February 2019, which still has not been dealt with as we requested. Our complaint was against the outfit Inchcape put us onto when we purchased alloy repair insurance with them, Care Care Plan and DWV, which reflects badly on them. We then received a reply from Inchcape here in trust pilot and we then sent them the email trail and they are are still uninterested in assisting us, it鈥檚 been 5 days and they are happy to delay us even further and are not interested in helping us, preferring to wash their hands of this problem. We remind them that under the Provision of Services Regulations 2009 traders are underva legal duty to respond to consumer complaints as quickly as possible and to make their best efforts to resolve those complaints but Inchcape are only interested in passing on responsibility to Care Care Plan, the people, we have described to Inchcape, who have caused us a lot of problems. The responsibility lies with Inchcape, we had no choice in who we wanted to fix our alloys when we purchased an expensive car alloy repair insurance from Inchcape, therefore the responsibility is all Inchcape鈥檚 and all we are asking is that they provide a better level of service in return for the money we paid for the insurance and respecting our requests to have our alloy repair insurance transferred to a more courteous, professional and competent repair service who have a duty of care to their customers, something I cannot say for Inchcape c Car Care plan and DWV.


1 year ago

Unfortunately a bad start at Inchape Cheltenham, however rectified the problems I'd highlighted on the car and delivered the car over 120 miles to the destination I wished to see it at again. Huge shame about the start but certainly made massive improves.


1 year ago

A rare old pack of clowns.
They had a contract to deliver a car, decided they could make more by selling it and reordering.
Blamed everyone but themselves.
Told our lease broker to stop calling them & they'd deliver when they were ready.
I don't think they read these or care what's written.


1 year ago

Inchcape Sandhurst cannot honor a price quoted. Bill has suddenly jumped up and car held to ransom unless i paid up. Of the 2 jobs it was booked in for, one was overcharged and the other not completed as they had ordered the wrong parts. Last time i go there.


1 year ago

Wish I could give 0 stars
Wish I could give 0 stars. Worst service ever received buying anything. DO NOT BUY The CAR from this Franchise , from sales to sales manager to GM every one lied. They do not care once they have sold the car with false promises.
I can write essay here about my experience, however cut short they sold me used Mercedes E class 66 Reg which was involved in accident and badly repaired. It was distance selling , On the day I have been told that my finance paid out, you have to take the car away and they will get everything fixed at my local Inchcape Mercedes dealer. As I traveled 3 hours on there promise of car has no damage and no paint work done, I drove the car away with the list agreed they will do it for me. Next day I discovered a lot more damage to the structure once I took it to professional. I loved the car colour and Spec so I requested for them to fix these damages and I will keep the car however from General manager to Customer Service Manager they would not commit to fix the damage and wanted to refund the money. Atleast 20 phone Calls and 50 emails to the management been ignored. Finally when I decided to hand the car, I started receiving emails back about the process. I was shocked to find out very next day they re advertised the car with the same damage and sold it to some one else. Now someone else must be going through the same hassle or if they do not know about bodywork they will be driving unfit car on the road.
Lost out on money as they gave less on my part ex and reduced the car by 拢500 to get me the part ex price I wanted. Now when they refunded I only got invoice price back, for that too I had to wait 2 weeks before they could sell the car to someone.
I will name the people who lied through out and gave the worst experience of my life. Sales Consultant – Brian Sutton, Sales Manager – Oliver Sharman and General Manager – Darren Timoti.
Not sure if they are the managers or not as no one behaved like one.
Inchcape Jaguar all together different customer service , so can not say Inchcape is not good But for sure this Inchcape Mercedes Liverpool Dealership will take there name down one day.


1 year ago

Has to haggle with then on price but overall really great


1 year ago

My initial contact with Norwich was great and James the sales exec had a good knowledge of the car and when questioned about a couple of additions he said this would be no problem. He suggested my wife and I came along to Norwich some 200 mile round trip and inspect and duly made an appointment and paid a returnable deposit to 'reserve' the car. We turned up at the due time and were not expected, James was off ill and no one at the branch knew of our appointment. After some wait Bobby stood in but his knowledge of the car and the BMW system were not up to date but we muddled through and agreed to buy with a small addition for the dashcam and to send a link to BMW insurance on acceptance. When James returned and rang he said that BMW no longer did 7-day insurance and he could not do the wiring as it was not a BMW dashcam!
On investigation BMW still do the 7-day complimentary insurance so when pointed out this was available I was given a access code; I gave up on the wiring. So some promises were honoured others were not.
Despite this earlier irritation the handover and transfer to my home was faultless, the car was great and delivered on time with all documentation etc. hence the 4* rating.


2 years ago

Inchape Shrewsbury
I live in Leicestershire – That is a 118 mile round trip.
I visited the above store on Saturday 29th Dec to view, test drive and purchase the car. This transaction was dealt with by Michael Stephenson who has a complete lack of customer service skills. When we took the car for a test drive we took it to a local car park where we took a good look around the car. During this time Michael proceeded to check the football results and message his friends on his mobile phone! After 30 mins Michael received a phone call from a Manager asking where he was? As far a I am aware there isn't a time restriction of how long you can take a car out for a test drive. Especially when we are spending a lot of money.

When returning back to the sales garage we discussed purchasing the car on the agreement that the scratch on the bottom of the drivers door would be fixed and a new alloy placed on the rear drivers side. Based on this agreement I was happy to place my 500.00 deposit on the car.

I then advised Michael that I was going on holiday the following week and would therefore would like to collect the car on Sunday 13th Jan. To which Micheal said " We don't sell/exchange or allow collection at the weekends". This I know is a complete lie as when we were there on the Saturday a lady was collecting her new car!
I said to Michael that this would be the only day I could collect as I had no access to a car due to mine being written off in a recent car accident.
Michael then said " *** it, we will do it. Just as long as you are here by 10am on the 13th"
Fine. Not a problem.

On Sunday 13th Jan we arrived at 09:55.
We were greeted by Michael. I had to sign some paperwork before he took us round to view the car.

When we got to the car you could clearly see that the scratch had not been fixed!
This shocked Michael who said " I checked the car the other day, but it was in the dark" What good is that!!!
He then began to flap saying a lot of "erms.." and " I'm sorry guys I've ****up"
I told Michael to go and speak to his Manager and tell them about the situation and what can be done to get it rectified ASAP. Michael returned to advise that the best thing they could do would be to keep the car, get the scratch people to come out the following day to fix it and then have the car driven to me in Leicestershire. To which I said "No. Under no circumstances am I leaving this car with you. You made me get here for 10am knowing full well I had spent Saturday travelling back to the UK. You had 2 weeks to sort this. Go back to your Manager and say that you need to find a local garage near to me who will either come to my house to fix the scratch or I take it to them."

The Manager agreed this and I would receive a call on Monday to advise.
I then drove the car home.

Whilst driving the car home the tyre pressure warning light came on. We took the car to a local petrol garage to check the pressure of the tyres which were fine. However the car was not registering the new alloy tyre. I have a picture of this if you wish to see it.

I emailed Michael straight away and asked him to call me on Monday to let me know what the problem was.

It got to 17:15 on Monday I had not received a call or an email from Michael acknowledging my email sent on the Sunday so I took it upon myself to contact him. Michael said that they would need the car back to investigate and fix the problem. So would like to collect the car the following week and leave me with a hire car.

I suggested taking it to my local Volkswagen garage for them to investigate, fix the problem and charge to Shrewsbury accordingly. This was not a option apparently.
So when I asked about collecting/returning the car would this be done on a transport vehicle? The answer I got from Michael was that they do not have the facilities to do this. Absolutely shocking!

I asked Michael to get his Manager to call me back. Dion Eastwick (The Manager) called me back and said that they needed to investigate the problems raised "In House" and so would need the car back to do this. A hire car would be delivered to me, my car would be collected and returned with a full tank of fuel. This is fine, however what I am not happy about is the extra 118+ miles that is going to be adding to my car through no fault of my own. Dion by passed this and said he would call me on Wednesday to advise me of a date for the work to be carried out.

I never received a call on Wednesday from Dion. I had a call on Thursday from Michael who said that the work would be carried out on Wednesday 23rd Jan.
The car would be collected around 7-8am, the hire car dropped off, car taken to Shrewsbury, get fixed and brought back the same day. Based on the track record so far I don't hold much hope. I told Michael that the hire car MUST be an automatic (Like my car, as due to the car accident I can't drive manual cars at the moment, which he is fully aware off. When informed at point of sale). Michael went silent. After a few seconds he said "Er ok I'll make sure that you are given an auto."

Thankfully an automatic car did arrive and they collected and returned my car with all of the issues corrected.

I wouldn't recommend anyone to purchase a car from this dealership as they don't deliver on their promises and you may drive away with an unsafe car.


2 years ago

I visited Land rover Southampton with a view of buying a used Range Rover, the price was just under 拢44,000 I made it VERY clear to the salesman that I would be looking to purchase that car for around 拢37,000. At no point was I informed that that would not happen. The following day I returned to discuss the cost of my PX, I was offered less than 50% of it's true value, I informed the salesman of this & the fact that I felt quiet insulted by this price & left. That afternoon I got my px valued by a well know car site that advertises on national tv & claims to gives you less than everyone else, but even they offered me double of what Land Rover Southampton had! I contacted Land Rover Southampton again to inform them of this & it was agreed that they would pick me up from the other company should I do the deal. I then returned again to finalise the price of the car I was wanting to buy (this was the fourth day in a row that I had dealings with the dealership & everyday I explained where I was expecting the price to be), at this point they informed me that the maximum they would give me off the car would be 拢190.
I appreciate that I was after a big ask & I didn't really expect to achieve it for this price, but I was willing to haggle to see what discount I could get.
There was no movement at all, I explained that I felt annoyed that they had wasted my time & they should have been more honest from the start rather than stringing me along & insulting me with ridiculous px prices.
Overall a very very poor customer service experience.


2 years ago

Alan Cook did a wonderful job in finding me the perfect car to suit my requirements. He kept in regular contact through the week before I collected it. Nothing was too much trouble and Alan made sure the car was immaculate. Alan is a great asset to Inchcape and I would wholeheartedly recommend him.


2 years ago

Just be careful ! Total liers……
Miss sold not once but twice. !!!
Take your contract home and make sure it鈥檚 right for you. Get a second opinion there is more than one car built


2 years ago

Following a recent review of this company I had a request to provide my details so that they can "investigate" their poor service provided. Have a little look at what happened when I tried to provide my details for them to pay their lip-service and grovel insincerely….what a joke they can't even get this right!

Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:

[email protected] ([email protected]
The email address that you entered couldn't be found. Check the address and try resending the message. If the problem continues, please contact your helpdesk.

Diagnostic information for administrators:

Generating server:

[email protected]
#550 5.1.1 RESOLVER.ADR.RecipNotFound; not found ##

***PS I have had to place a space after the @ sign in this review otherwise it would not post???


2 years ago

It should be Zero stars for Zero customer service

I never felt the need to write a report until now but on this occasion I am doing.

Where shall I start:

When I went to buy a 拢40k car where I knew what spec I wanted before I went into the showroom I was treated awfully. I dont think the representative thought I was going to buy a car by the way my wife and I were treated and they showed complete lack of interest. I asked for a test drive a week in advance in a manual and automatic to compare and when I got there there wasnt even a car available to test. I had driven 40 miles round trip. Thats how they sell cars to you. When I received the car after waiting 5 months for it to be delivered that I had specified it was completely the wrong spec. I had a choice of waiting another 3 months or accepting the one they messed up on. In hindsight I wished I hadnt. Buying a new car like this should be an experience. Thats the whole point of paying top dollar. Its one I dont want to repeat for sure.

Next I went in for second service. 42000 miles.

1st time. I was supplied a curtesy car with no fuel. I was told it had a full tank but I was lucky to get off car park. Completely empty – running on fumes. On my return back to pick up the car after a wait for over an hour and half air condioning was not sorted. Apparently due to no air con gas. Tail ram not fixed. Still creaking. Bear in mind I said these issues needing looking at weeks in advance.

I was then told I would have to come back and they would ring back to arrange another appointment. After a week later I had to chase them up to arrange a new appointment. I was told it wouldn鈥檛 be for at least another month. I also told them my car had developed a diesel emission fluid fault since the service. I was told I would have to go through Landrover Assist. No interest by them to fix. Clearly a fob off.

Inchcape actually called a day before the second appointment and cancelled it due to no curtesy car available. I had to again go without air conditioning for another week in sweltering 32 degrees C heat. I again also told them my car had developed the diesel emission fluid fault which Landrover Assist fixed (and advised me to inform Inchcape as part of the schedule of works as they would need to allot more time to look at the def injector).

3rd time I arrived for my appointment and the Inchcape representative again said no car available. Even though I was promised profusely the previous week. Their only offer was to take me to work and pick me up. As I run a business I have many appointments which I need to get to by car. This is not acceptable to me. Hence the curtesy car requirement. When I got to Inchcape Preston the diesel emission fluid fault wasn鈥檛 recorded and I had to go through the performance yet again explaining it. They eventually sorted a curtesy car but asked for driving licence which I had already given previously when they messed up on the first visit. No one said I would need to give it again. I was then refused the car as I had no driving licence. Not even an offer to sort something out and even though they earlier offered to take me to work.

I asked to speak to the manager. I was refused. Their representative said they couldn鈥檛 insure me so I couldnt have a curtesy car so there was no point me speaking to their manager. Clearly another fob off.

As time was passing (over an hour) and I had business appointments to attend to I had to leave with no resolution only a word that they would call me in due course.

As a result I have now put a complaint in to Land Rover HQ.

Time wasted on 2 separate occasions for the same problem due to their incompetance, having to empty my car for no reason and a wasted journey to Preston to be told they can鈥檛 help me. Complete waste of my time and money and no apology.

I thought I was buying into a premium car when I bought a Landrover for a premium price so I expected a premium service. I would get a better service with a Ford or Skoda Agent than this.

Clearly they have nice shiny buildings at Inchcape UK but their customer service is terrible. Beyond reproach.

I cant wait for the warranty to run out so I can actually take it to a local garage that does care.

Land Rover are great cars but are seriously let down by poor companies representing them like this.


2 years ago

Lee Craske and Johnny where absolutely amazing, done everything they could do to help, Lee even picked me up so I was able to arrive earlier to fill out forms. I would highly highly recommend! the service is the best service I have received and Lee is a credit to the company as very personable and professional.


2 years ago

The new inchcape jaguar landrover Preston Terrible service.
What a shambles. No customer service at all

Bought a nearly new landrover 0w66 gxd ( so not a cheap buy ) had to rather battle to get a test drive over the phone. Then ordered the car paid a deposit , the car had to be brought from Southampton. I even called Southampton to see if it was on its way to Preston due to lack of response from Preston. Had to call and email numerous times to chase up arrival of car ( the salesmen encourage u to sell your existing car privately ) so you have to organise transport to collect and insurance etc to collect the new car. Dealership dont seem to have any regard for this or the client being car less whilst waiting to hear. They don鈥檛 want to knOw you once you have paid your deposit we just getting told our salesman was on his day off !!! They have maybe 100 or more staff there but no one else can deal with your enquiry
Finally got to collect car after countless calls from us ! I emailed a few days later as have a problem with the boot. I used the contact us page via website and 2 other email addresses taken from business cards I thought I may get a better response emailing . The website responded saying we would get a reply within 2 hours. It鈥檚 now 2 weeks and had no contact from them I went in yesterday ( 30 mile trip ). A young lady eventually greeted me and found me a salesman he then found me the salesman I bought from. I explained about my problem boot and the number of emails that hadn鈥檛 been answered. He looked at the emails and told me I had the wrong email addressses. ( even though the contact page responded ) and the email addresses were from their website !!! He couldn鈥檛 get anyone from service to look at my boot as they were on other jobs ! What a joke it may be a 5 min repair job or a bit of oil required . I was there an hour with staff avoiding eye contact as I think they don鈥檛 want to step on other people鈥檚 departments jobs . He couldn鈥檛 get me a sales manager or a service manager for a 2 min check of boot He promised me a call back to book car in that day. Guess what …… the call never came in !!!! They all hide behind the fashionable glass screens and avoid eye contact it really is disgusting. They need to visit Bmw Blackpool Lloyds brilliant service and friendly eye contact . For a training session !!! I鈥檓 now regretting selling my Bmw Salesman was telling me as a group they have invested heavily in staff 60 on calls upstairs …… why would that interest me when not one of them can call you back. I am now contacting trading standards re cooling off periods etc. I may go back to Lloyds Blackpool for a Bmw


2 years ago

Bought a brand new VW from stockport branch, car was altogether OK. However I went to buy a nearly new used car and was told someone would see me in one hour, 1 hour came and went. I then phoned to get a PX Price on my car, nothing!!! I asked if they would get me a px price and they just couldn't be bothered. No problem, they aare not the only VW dealer in the world. You need to have a word with your sales staff. I own 2 x Classic VW's and I am absolutely commited to the marque, but I will take my business elsewhere. AVOID!!!

Is Inchcape UK legit or scam? Can I trust Inchcape UK?

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