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11 months ago

Elderly, with multiple health issues, on limited income, i purchased their Vit C off Amazon, only to discover they had hiked their price up by 拢20 – over 100% – during the Covid-19 epidemic. I paid 拢37.99 when the normal price on their website is 拢17.99. I have since requested a refund of the 拢20 I overpaid but have had no reply. How can this company sleep at night, profiting at the vulnerable person's expense? Yes, I should have checked them out first, my mistake. Perhaps I'm too trusting. Make your own mind up as to whether you want to support such profiteering.


2 years ago

I am allergic to shellfish, Since buying glucosamine tablets in May last year, from this company, I have taken them intermittently. This last 6 weeks I have taken them regularly, I have a very itchy rash appeared on my chest and back, and I feel nauseous.It wasn,t until this morning I found out by reading the bottle it contains SHELLFISH!!!!
Nowhere does it mention shellfish on the advert page, I am 77 and I just happened to read the bottle with glasses on. The most minuscule printing on the back of the bottle,2/3 rds of the way down, says, contains shellfish.
You could have killed me!! remember Pret a Manger and the poor soul who die as a result of their negligence in not displaying contents???
I see that on Amazon page where it is advertised, the Q and A section, someone has asked whether the product contains CHONDROITON,(ground up sea shells)
the answer was,
it doesn't,t say so on the bottle so I don,t think it has,
so somebody else had been looking for the words shellfish too!! BUT THEY WERE WRONG< IT DOES CONTAIN SHELLFISH.!!!!
It is 13 days since I wrote to them, to be totally ignored, we are talking peoples lives here, and this is their blase attitude.
Amazon have refunded me in full, NOT the company, so beware of this company, they may kill you through their negligence….

Is Incite Nutrition legit or scam? Can I trust Incite Nutrition?

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