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8 months ago

This app is awful. It drains your battery within a few hours, sends you about 10 texts per day, and doesn't pay out unless you install it on all of your devices!


9 months ago

Let me say in fairness upfront that I cannot say for sure that the issues I have are definitely related to this app. But, I had no issues on my phone, I installed this app and now I do. Nothing else has changed on my phone, no software/firmware updates, nothing else installed.

I took some some pictures on my android phone, looked at them in Google Photo. Later that day I installed this app.

I switched off phone when I went to bed and when I switched it on in the morning the pictures were gone.

I have had this phone for about two years and have never had any issues with pictures.

As a test I took a picture, looked at it in Google Photo, rebooted the phone. When it came back up I looked at Google Photo and there was my picture BUT it then disappeared before my eyes. I have repeated this and the bottom line is that after every reboot the app launches, and then pictures are deleted.

I have emailed support about this but had no response (one day). IF this is caused by this app then it is a pretty astonishing defect. As others have said this seems to be a very badly coded app so maybe this is one of a long list of showstopper defects they have.

I will be uninstalling it in a minute and will see if the photo problem is resolved. I will update this review accordingly.

UPDATE: I have uninstalled the app and I still have the problem. I am sorry to post a negative review of something withouot proving that it is to blame BUT I cannot see any other culprit. The actions taken in the timeframe mean only two things: this app has caused this problem and changed something on my phone that is still making this happen, or it is a coincidence that my phone developed this fault at this time.

I worked in IT Support and software testing for 12 years and all of my diagnostic training and instinct says that you look at "what has changed on the device?".

If I get a definitive culprit for this problem that is not this app then I shall remove the review. In the meantime I await a response from support.

UPDATE: I have solved the problem: the SD Card was corrupted. I cannot say for sure that this app caused that (it seems unlikely TBH) but I have never had an SD card go bad, ever and it seems an odd coincidence that it "broke" straight after installing this app.

Support did get back to me but only to say they couldn't investigate it and did I want to keep using the app?!! No, I am not still using the app.


9 months ago

Very heavy battery usage, my fully charged iphone was down to 48% after leaving it unused overnight. Used up a lot of data and needed to pay for more. Also the App stops some other Apps from opening correctly and also stops search engine from doing a lot of searches. Was not told that I would have to install App on all my devices, which I am not prepared to do.
All in all not worth the effort and hassle for such a small reward each month. I have unsubscribed and uninstalled the App and VPN from my phone.
Do not sign up.


9 months ago

In no terms during sign up questionnaire other than asking what other devices I owned was I even aware that they would not pay out these rewards if they were not installed on ALL devices disclosed. This is grossly unfair due to the fact that it does not matter if you own one or more of these devices the reward remains the same meaning it is best policy then for the end user to not fully disclose all the devices they own…more work, more invasion of privacy, even more probability of not meeting the 'guidelines' for the same (unlikely) reward..

I had submitted data from my phone for over a month with no knowledge of this ridiculous policy and both wasted my time and phone battery life on an app that is buggy. After emailing I had a reply that I would only start getting rewards after the app was installed on all my deviced disclosed.

I should have prior read the trustpilot reviews about goalposts changing to suit to avoid payout, it is short of being a scam….

At best, do not disclose all the devices you own and suffer the battery life drain on your phone and the buggy app stating they have not received a full days data etc and hope you get rewarded.

My advice, steer clear, the invasion of privacy and clauses to not pay out are not worth the inconvenience of installation.


9 months ago

MediaCell+ is for mobiles and InCompass is for pc, I saw an add for 拢20 in vouchers if you use this product for a month.
My Huawei Mate 20 Pro has a great battery but this app just eats it and almost half way through the day I was down to 10%.
I did get the 拢10×2 voucher codes for Amazon. But a week later I had to remove both apps, after an hour of use my fully charged phone was down to 63% and then lost another 10% in 30 mins. Don't do it!!
Yes I did get several txt saying my app wasn't working, like others have said.


9 months ago

So after downloading and using this app for 6 weeks, here are my reflections. Battery use is very high, need to recharege phone at least twice a day.
No rewards given, as i had not sent them enough data. Total data sent in 1 calender month was 800MB.
At least 2 texts per day, reminding me to carry my phone at all times. Not to leave phone on charge for long periods of time. Not to leave phone in one place all the time.

They called several times but i did not answer them.
It seems to collect much more than media data.
Have uninstalled the app and will not be using again.

Hope this is of some help.


9 months ago

I signed up to the Incompass panel through a survey company with the promise of a 拢20 Amazon voucher at the end of the month – seemed to boil down to data about what I was watching on tv, listening to on the radio or browsing on my phone which seemed reasonable as during lockdown I am living by myself and doing very little on my mobile phone. Also sounded legit with the use of the IPSOS and Mori names. NB I only ever signed up and agreed to the Mediacell+ app on my mobile phone on which I do not do anything vital or financial like banking or shopping. There was no mention of any other devices at this point.

Within 3 days I was getting pestered by texts and phone calls saying I hadn't installed the app even though I was still well within the cutoff for the current month as per the agreement smallprint. I installed the Mediacell+ app anyway ( and also a somewhat worrying phone root certificate for this to be able to work – not mentioned ?) – and this immediately wanted access to every aspect of my phone – microphone, camera, location, contacts, etc – very worrying and concerning if you are at all privacy or security conscious as it is basically listening and watching everything you do, say and type- but as I knew I wasn't using my phone for much at all during lockdown other than a bit of unimportant browsing and texting I still went ahead against my better judgment.

First thing I noticed was the significant increased drain on my phone battery which makes sense as the phone is never truly asleep while the app is watching over you like Big Brother. This therefore meant I had to charge the phone much more often.
This then triggered more pestering texts telling me to avoid charging my phone during the day – unbelievably they are arrogant enough to actually think they can tell you what to do with your own phone !! I also noticed a lot of totally random buzzing/vibrations from my phone at all hours.

After 2 weeks and within a few days of the end of the first (and I had very quickly decided only) month I then started getting bombarded with emails and texts telling me I had to install an additional Incompass app on my home PC otherwise I would not get the incentives reward which immediately rang further alarm bells as this just being a scam. This was not something I had ever agreed to do nor had been mentioned in previous communications and nor would I ever do this so I just ignored them.

Further pestering texts and emails followed and then at 6.30pm on the last day of the month they ring up – I stupidly took the call before I realised it was them – again I had to install the app on my PC or no reward and this was hidden somewhere in the T&Cs – although never actively highlighted or mentioned during the survey I took strangely – so I told them that was not going to happen and to get stuffed. I immediately uninstalled the app and reset my phone security and location settings.

In short they are not to be trusted at all – they seem to want to know far too much about what you do for no good reason and then will do whatever they can to avoid paying any reward. It is akin to clicking on a random link in an unknown email voluntarily. If they are legit then at best their activities are very very dubious and at worst they should be being actively investigated.

** Do not install this app and do not allow this company any access to your data and personal life if you value your personal and data security. It is simply not worth the risk. **

If in doubt just picture the conversations you might need to have with your bank or the Police in the future when you tell them you installed software you knew nothing about, which took over your devices and which you didn't trust at all – but it was ok because the company that you also knew nothing about said and promised they didn't look at what you were actually doing in that much detail !

Pleased to report my battery life is now back to normal and there are now no more random buzzes.


10 months ago

Won鈥檛 get you vouchers, will let you do all the work for no gain. Avoid


11 months ago

Never paid
My phone lagged for almost 2 months while running this app. All for nothing because i was never paid and they just take people's data without sending any of the payments.
Don't install. You will never get any payments.
See for yourself, 2 stars on Trustpilot.


1 year ago

This app recorded my personal voice calls

Im writing this review to discourage others from allowing themselves and their family to be exploited for the commercial gain of others.

Please read carefully:
While the MediaCell+ was running in the background, I used the option "Pause to allow other audio" during a voice or VOIP call (whatsapp).
I noticed during these 2 different calls, anytime i "minimize the MediaCell+ app, the setting does not remain at "Resume decoding", it goes back to recording *WHILE* i am on the phone.

Now i am no tech savyy girl, so I had my brother who is a programmer inspect this app on my phone and he suggested to me that app is not only recording every sound, background, every move you make,but possibly ALL VOICE CALLS.

* That is why the app instructs you to , "CARRY your device as much as possible during the day, including when at home, TO ENSURE YOUR DATA IS USED IN THE RESEARCH [exact instructions]

Okay fine, I knew they were recording all sound as well, but come on… MY PERSONAL PHONECALLS?
That is a blatant lack of respect for people's privacy just so you can make a mint, and on top of that, not even pay a lousy 10GBP

These companies need to be censored and monitored by higher authorities to ensure they do not cross their limits.

Imagine my rage when i realized my entire personal conversation with my family was recorded. The app automatically reverted back the setting to "RECORD"

InCompass can keep their imaginary gift card.
My data is worth much than what you're offering!

Trustpilot may only hinder others from participating in these things for a lousy gift card (which the majority don't even receive), they need to be reported to a higher authority to ensure they conduct their business in a manner that is acceptable and legal.


1 year ago

Only gets a star because I've been getting the vouchers.
Horrific app, other apps we know take our data. We give this express permission to in order for some kind of compensation in the form of vouchers. It is massively invasive.
Permanent notification on the top bar and on your lock screen.
Constantly buzzing phone out of its "sleep state".
So uses up tonnes of battery.
Slows down your phone.
Has stopped my microphone from working during calls so cuts them off.
Stops media apps from playing music.
Crashes my phone daily.
Receive daily texts and emails about receiving no data, when I live in a rural area with no signal.
I have had this app for over six months to see if the issues were simply bugs but they appear to be built in.
Whoever developed this needs to go back to school because it's a horrific piece of software that turns an expensive piece of technology into a brick.
Wouldn't recommend isn't worth the effort, will be taking my last voucher next month and uninstalling.


1 year ago

Joined a while ago and ran fine until a couple of weeks ago. Everyday I was getting a text to restart my phone. Looking bad I never received any rewards for having this app on my phone. Would have to agree with other comments its a scam.


1 year ago

extremely poor. Unstable. Uses up large amounts of battery. keep getting messages from company telling you to restart phone and that app isn't working correctly. Everyone that uses it ends up uninstalling it and not getting the voucher. Just look on Google Play it gets just 1.5 stars. In short a scam.


1 year ago

It's working well for me on Android. Battery lasts all day. Rewards come every month without fail. Notifications for microphone access are a bit annoying when I'm using the phone to play music, though.


1 year ago

Great. 拢10 per month Amazon voucher. Just keep it logged in on your phone. I've been with them nearly 8 months. No problems at all.


1 year ago

Works fine on my phone, not issues, i have always been paid on time, and have so far made about 拢360 for doing nothing. I am not aware of it draining my battery or causing anything to freeze.


1 year ago

Brilliant app I get 拢10 amazon voucher every month without fail and if it is late they send a courtesy email apologising, no problem with battery on a Samsung guess people who have that problem must have I phone ,5 stars from me.
Digital voucher comes by email and is valid for 10 years !!


1 year ago

Rubbish.installed the app and my battery drained so much.also stopped pretty much every other app from running properly.


1 year ago

My phone broke and took me a week to replace it. They unsubcribed me 2weeks before the end of the research because of that.


1 year ago

I am so annoyed that although i have sent them so many Emails i am still waiting for my rewards.
The links they sent me didn't work. i have five of them to use in marks and Spencer's, i was wondering if any one has had the same trouble as me


1 year ago

The app has the exact same effect on my phone as it did others, it make my phone completely useless as it stops you do doing the most basic things like browsing the internet. I lasted 3 days on this 'very exclusive panel'. The premise of getting Amazon vouchers for doing seemingly nothing might work for someone who doesn't use their phone much except to track when they're listening to the radio or watching TV. If you're like me and want to actually be able to use your smartphone and even playing Spotify and selecting a speaker, this is not for you as you won't be able to do any of that.


2 years ago

I only used this app for a day…..I got linked to it through opportunitypanel and figured that a free app running in the background for a few weeks in exchange for a 拢20 voucher was a good deal. I was wrong, they blatantly lie about how this app affect your phone, it drains your battery (it used up half of my fully charged phone in six hours ( it usually lasts 12) Most games on the App Store are more efficient than this app and the vpn they make you join throttles your internet to a point where I couldn鈥檛 even load chrome and forget about using other apps while this is running, it will cause lag, freezing and crashes.


2 years ago

Got signed up was told to download software on my mobile which I did
Had it for four weeks,and checked no rewards,then got a call saying they wanted it on laptops,and tablets I鈥檇 so put it on another tablet,but not my laptop,as I was worried they could see my online banking information.
Checked again online now five weeks still no rewards,and my mobile been on since 8am every morning,and turned off every night at 12pm still no rewards.
Sent email to ask when my vouchers were coming,then next day a gentleman rang up saying I said I鈥檇 four laptops which I do,but one doesn鈥檛 work,and other two are in case my main one breaks down,then told me had to use all of them everyday which clearly isn鈥檛 possible,and in the end I told him I鈥檇 be removing all the software.
My mobile phone battery was draining like it was being sucked by a porn star,and the mic voice error message was coming on all the time.
When I got rid of software my phone is back to peak condition,and battery is lasting all day.
If I told these people I鈥檇 ten laptops,then they鈥檇 have told me everyone had to be used everyday.
Just a big con,and will use any excuse under the sun not to pay out the rewards.
Don鈥檛 waste your time with these cowboys,as with any dodgy companies in the end they will be caught out.


2 years ago

I did not get my first 拢5 for my diary entries until I contacted them and asked them why I had not been sent it. They were quick to send it the first time but then after the second week I did not receive the 拢5 again. This time, despite 2 emails to them, I have not heard a thing. I will not be continuing with them.


2 years ago

After installing their app on the phone and keeping it on most of the time they decided that they not receive enough data/info. Smart move just not to pay out.Stay away from them!!

Is Incompass legit or scam? Can I trust Incompass?

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