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3 weeks ago

Hi everyone.
Just to let you know this is a fraud company,
.Just one of the many chinese based websites claiming to be UK high quality products and shipping from the UK. This is all false, they ship directly from china with the poorest quality of items. Like the products from Wish etc but they will blame the delay on the pandemic!
Il take the pleasure with telling you how your experience will go.
1stly, You pay for whatever. Youl get a bad quality product, made out of cheapness and crap.
You want to complain and get a refund.
Their website says. 60 day guarantee, free shipping returns, customer satisfaction blah blah.. dont be fooled. This is all a B.S written website to get your money.
.Their phone number on the website is a dead number! The only way to reach the fake company is through emails, they will offer you a 30 percent off your next product, then a 40 percent refund, then say well we cant accept retuns because of the pandemic.
.All that product guarantee they got on the website, and 60 days policy blah blah is bogus. This day and age they just try to sound appealing, but the reality is something else! They also have some mention of working with a charity to sound plausible and trusting, Il be checking that out because I dont believe that for the life of me after my experience.
Buy on your own accord, go ahead, but if u have any problem with your item which you will have because they are not genuine, or proper working, but cheap copies, and flimsy dont expect any way in hell for your money back.
. Another claim on the website is that they provide free shipping returns with their 60 day guarantee crap. Yeah they dont. They dont even want the crap they sell so they refuse to accept it back. Meaning you have paid for a item you will bin. The number listed on the site doesnt work. 07529957077. Go ahead try it! If that's not a red flag!!.
The best part is where they say they dont ask questions and they refund you. A week of asking for my money back and still they refused, giving me a variety of options I didnt want. I have all the screenshots if you wanna see just ask!
It's basically the website Wish recreating itself as this company. Take a look at the discounts of products and you'll get the hint
Just doing my job as their first fooled customer, to make you all aware, as I was not aware when I purchased a 35 pound excercise band.

Is Increasingrelief legit or scam? Can I trust Increasingrelief?

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