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3 years ago

When I was returning to the work force I found myself using differnt job seeking web sites. Many of the web sights I found were not only confusing but discouraging which is the last thing job seekers need or want. I know that I as a jobseeker needed all the encouragement and ease as possible. After being out of the workforce for so many years (due to a long and lengthy recovery from which I found myself with a permanent disability) I found job searching stressful, really time consuming and at times even embarrassing. I kept getting paired up with jobs that I was clearly not qualified for making me feel like finding a job was absolutely hopeless. Other websites would keep sending me job posting for other cities or postings that were no longer available.
All of these factors made things difficult, time consuming and complicated and extremely discouraging. Indeed made my job searching quick, inspiring and successful! Thanks Indeed.


5 years ago

I have created an account on to advertising job position. After two days of waiting, my ad did not appear on a public page. I called to find out why. They asked me some more information about our company and said that within 24 hours of it's will be active. But I was very surprised having 5 minutes later an email:
"Thank you for contacting Indeed. Your Advertiser Account was reviewed and Indeed's Search Quality Team has made the final decision that you will not be able to use Indeed's service at this time.
Your account is not active and no additional action is required. The specific reasons for these decisions are not disclosed. Indeed reserves the right to restrict use of its services at anytime. Feel free to visit the link below for information on Indeed's advertising policies" and Blablabla… I called again and asked, what is it and how to solve this problem!?!? The answer surprised me even more: Nothing!!!!
Such service and attitude to customers I have not seen anywhere else! I forgot forever and others do not recommend wasting your time on them!


7 years ago

Very bad experience. Posted a job, then had the account suspended within 24 hours. The suspension notice has a Contact Us link. We sent 4 contact messages using that form and received no replies. Account is still suspended. I did some research on Indeed online – the site is full of scams. Not entirely their fault, but they appear to be very inept at running their business – scams are allowed, while a legitimate business is blocked and they do not respond to contact requests. Stay away from this site.

Is legit or scam? Can I trust

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