Independent Office For Police Conduct

1 month ago

Corrupt, abusive, disrespectful, shameful megalomaniacs. It is a waste of time contacting them. They are a waste of space.


1 month ago

Another organisation set up to fraudulently drain taxpayers money… actually dont even know why these people are here!? Well just pretending to give people a voice…

Was directed to these people to help make complaint only to be sent to the same people complaint is about? The police! Who haven't taken my complaint down or just the parts of they can manipulate the rest of the complaint that shows harassment & targeting of individuals has been left out!? Advice given by iopc changes with every call you make leaving you exhausted & no better off then you was before coming to this organisation from assistance..

Fraudulent independently funded by the met/gov at the cost to taxpayer


2 months ago

Every single time I get in touch with Hampshire Police, they refuse to investigate properly and Blackpool Police refuse to check cctv evidence and IOPC cover up their lies. Investigations are a complete sham and you know nothing will ever be done. The Blackpool Police are rude and uncaring even in sexual assault cases where cctv evidence is ignored. According to Complaint Handling Investigators the Police have carried out things correctly despite not even checking cctv evidence. The amount of times that recorded phone calls cannot be found is unbelievable – One time an Officer I complained about got a colleague to ring up, pretending he was an Inspector and tried to get me to drop my complaint. When the real inspector got involved, surprise, surprise they could not find the phone call from the bogus Inspector despite him ringing from the Police Station.
Also Hampshire Police reduced me to tears, when a company conned me out of 拢399.99 and Police told me I was not allowed to get in touch and request money back as that is harassment. The Police Officer further lied that I had been harassing the owners wife – I have no idea who the wife is or where they live. The Police Officer believed these lies despite no evidence at all.
You always know the IOPC Investigating Officers are going to cover up and find Police Officers have done their job correctly.
The IOPC are a complete waste of time and Police a waste of taxpayers money.


3 months ago

Supposed to help. Got every aspect of my complaint wrong Waited months on reply Jennie Armstrong. That鈥檚 her name. If you have her don鈥檛 let her touch your case, she prob doing has she told but shouldn鈥檛 be in that job. I鈥檝e got letters to sent now so good luck Jenny..Got subject access info most blocked out. Never charged. Felt unwell saw doctor/notes at station. Said use of heroin in capital letters. Never been associated with that in my life. Tried for 3 year to sort it got no where now they don鈥檛 even email back. Absolute joke of a system. More disappointed and
Disgusted more than anything. Defamation at its highest.


3 months ago

I have come across corruption within the IOPC and Avon & Somerset Police. This corruption goes all of the way up to the Chief Constable Andy Marsh and PCC Sue Mountstevens and the Policing Minister Kit Malthouse and Home Secretary Priti Patel as well. The IOPC have ignored me and refused to interact with me and they have ignored my allegation about corruption within their own organisation and the Avon and Somerset police. i do have proof how the IOPC and the aforementioned people i have named have ignored me and in a few cases, they've even sent the police to harass me. i do have video footage as well as one video footage i sent to the police was tampered with. before you think i'm a nutter, i do have solid proof that not only are they using the officers to bully and harass me but also tampering with evidence. i have 100% solid granite proof of my allegations and it goes right to the door of 10 Downing Street, PM Johnson believe it or not. i do have the proof for that as well. I even have the proof that my computer was hacked by the MOJ and the Police and incriminating evidence against them was deleted. the very same evidence which everybody wants to ignore. if anybody is willing to see the proof, then please get in touch as long as you're from the media or anything to do with justice. but i expect the government will try and take this down as they know it's the truth. the corruption also involves the Ministry of Justice which the police and the government are covering up perverting the course of justice which the Justice Minister Robert Buckland blocked my emails after i sent proof to him about the corruption and perverting the course of justice within the MOJ. This is all because the government has made me disabled and they鈥檙e trying to cover up that fact. If there wasn鈥檛 anything in my allegations then some of the parties would鈥檝e blocked my emails or ignore me. it鈥檚 because they know I鈥檓 telling the truth.


5 months ago

Police have blood of Enoch Powell I have had horrific experience only in Hackney problems wit neighbour cannot tell whether it is a He or She we Indian blacks got called N…r Black B…D's new neighbour He She said we Indian blacks all belong to Mental Hospitals we ignored finally that nasty person put stink Bombs near to where we sit in kitchen door as we reported to Police guess The Racist Police did not Arrest Worzel next door she got a pat on shoulder Well done Worzel these foreigners need to go Worzel shouted he she would take Revenge from his lovely Glass built extension next day yes a Little Weed from Police who looked like Golum Worzel had told him I had called him names The Police Officer had his personal differences with me he came to my door gave me ASB for just talking in Punjabi Worzel had lied through his teeth ot gummy teeth I had used fouling language directed at her she even made stores to put me into trouble I had said her teenage daughter had sex with boys and she was Pregnant only God knows these were all False Accusations to Police made by Worzel to put me into Trouble reason Worzel knows he is a Racist ASI got ASB my African neighbours and Irish neigjbours saw Little Weed of Police Officer go into Worzels house yes you can guess both were laughing ha ha ha later on Worzel that evening Ryan Police hsve give. B b..d a ASB Worzel said that should keep her quiet this nasty new neighbour had called my black friend B r B….dsand that black people are thieving B…D's
After all those racist taunts which others witnessed did Police give Worzel a ASB no they covered him her with blanket Worzel is English I got ASB I did nothing shows that we Foreign people someone else does damage we call for help the opposite we end up in trouble I do not think I will ever call Police they are Enoch Powell's relatives


5 months ago

Sorry formy name or email address as I have been harassed by police for so long.
Started 6 years ago a number events but when it started to come to light they were doing drive-bys outside my property and sitting out in their cars watching and pointing up my flat which I recorded it, as ihave Witnesses as well well as it cause distress to me my neighbour started questioning me.
the place well Started From a Distance then, after a couple of weeks they started coming closer, watching me as I'm putting my car in the garage and drove up onto my driveway there Arms folded let me know they're watching me. After a year things were happening to my property they started like damage and theft, going round my neighbours when some of my neighbours told me saying I'm dangerous and to be careful of me. After being stopped and searched so many times verbally abused for police officers tormented and my personal life got me down so much. My mum died they knew about it so they ring me up and abuse me and told me social services then came in to help me really good guy from the social services and the police called all agencies have to put my complaint I was told to put it in to police Professional Standards department which is the worst thing you can do which goes to the iopc now known as i c o they've changed name and they will do it again after too many people are complaining about on that's what businesses do when they get too many complaints or investigated themselves, But have to put my complaint in my life got worse the police (psd) called a meeting with all agencies regarding me they were laughing at the meeting and victim first and my social worker told me as I was tormented that I wasn't invited to the meeting, victim first and social services told me my life is at risk having things I haven't done towards the end I had to threaten in police officers and my partner, I cannot get it to stop. they tried to set me up so many times serious incidents with weapons when I put this into the iopc they did not even do an investigation it got changed so many times and then the police carried on harassing me PSD eventually put in in my complaint and the place up the harassment against me I didn't know at the time why my but that's what they do so I cannot put my appeal they bombard you with loads of stuff torment you you in my eyes there nothing criminals and murderers they are the biggest gang in the world you can never go against the police that system is they're so you fail.
I had to leave my own city sure it be cheaper investigate the crimes instead of trying to create themselves to see see if there's any evidence in any accusations or use your previous criminal record to try and get a conviction but they don't stop to think that person who told an accusation could be lying and the person that harassing maybe innocent I know when I can say I feel sorry for the ones who have ended up ending their life because of them.
The organisations of court and legal system CPS are rogue as an example of this organisation how can you have police officers investigating police officers, you put your complaint in to the ICO and then they send it to the police professional standards which are police officers unless you've been a victim of sexual crime or severe beating from a police officer involving intensive care or finally if you've been murdered which is how do you put your complaint in if you've been murdered that's what they told me iopc me. so PSD which are police officers we'll investigator that's like two neighbours fighting with each other but one of them can only do the investigation I see people say black lives matter police don't just do this 2 black people it everyone and they know they can get away with it and the system is set up there for you to fail and I understand when police officers get killed when you see in the media then I now see it's in a different way thinking there must be something behind the scenes we don't know because the control that as well do not what put a complaint in just go and get yourself a video camera a good one and surround yourself by CCTV and keep every bit of information you can and the only way round it is posted it on line like YouTube and make yourself a channel if everyone does that these corrupt people/organisations would be exposed.

So you up in warn people the only way you can do protect yourself expose them and protect yourself keep safe people.


7 months ago

I have just received my appeal results and I can honestly say that the police wouldn't urinate on me if I was on fire.Predudice against the working class,being labelled schizophrenic,and being defrauded in public just to begin.1.5 billion pounds has gone to somewhere.


8 months ago

Not independent at all.

They completely disregard your complaints and maliciously share your personal information with the police you are complaining about so they can harass you.


9 months ago

This organisation is not just bad. They are off the scale. They are not independent. There are totally biased in the extreme. They do not even look at the evidence you present. They are corrupt at the highest level. I am going to the National Media with my story soon. We all need to get together in some forum, coming together as one voice. I will not stand for the nonsense and misconduct any more. I will expose them. Does anyone know how to create a space where we can all get together and expose the IOPC for what they are? The public need to know by those who are directly affected. Enough is enough.


9 months ago

Based on my experience of the IOPC I would not credit this authority with a 1* review. After being accused of criminal damage to my own property by a corrupt firm of solicitors based in the Midlands who stole my property and worked hand in hand with other authorities, I found myself having to attend bail three times a week along with seven court hearing. The firm of solicitors acted as a witness and a claimant, this was a conflict of interest 鈥?I was set up from the start! West Midlands police officers failed to sign statements and get witnesses to sign the statements which were used in court by the CPS. The Police acted on an 鈥渆lectric鈥?arrest warrant that was never provided when requested. Police documented there was NO key evidence within the case and a statement by an alleged witness indicated that the crime was premeditated. Yet when I put a complaint to the IPCC which is now the IOPC neither of these high authorities didn鈥檛 want to take any action and, in their opinion, there was 鈥渘o evidence of misconduct鈥? The IOPC is solely there to cover up the corrupt actions of the police. Despite going through the appeals procedure and complaining to many other higher authority bodies, I am still trying to get justice today. I now suffer with anxiety and concern that I will end up with further false charges against me, or jailed or even my life being threatened for whistleblowing on the police and many more higher authorities. I鈥檒l leave you with some food for thought, ask yourself why was the IPCC was replaced with the IOPC?… Thanks for reading, good luck with your own case. Johnny


10 months ago

Unbelievably corrupt and always in complete favour of the police force, regardless of being provided with substantial evidence to the contrary. Even when evidence is provided in black and white, in written form, it will not sway their decision to not uphold your appeal.

Like all 'professional bodies', the IOPC are there purely to support and prop up the service to which the general public complain about – in this instance, the police service, though they shroud this with wishy washy language on their website, lulling the general public into a false sense of security, believing that their complaint will be impartially and thoroughly investigated. Mark my words – it simply won't. Everyone in the police service recognises that the IOPC are highly unlikely to uphold a complaint on behalf of the general public, and to the police, it is just a farcical game, just another flimsy hurdle to cross before they can rub their hands in glee that once again the IOPC have delivered in their favour.

Shoddy service and entirely unfit for purpose. Steer clear; you will not achieve anything except an entire waste of your time and energy.


1 year ago

This is now my 2nd appeal with the Iopc regarding police misconduct.

I have been diagnosed with severe ptsd. The reason I have ptsd is because male police officers have gone above and beyond to harm me, a woman, to protect the family of a fellow officer.

I just sent the iopc a flash drive of evidence. Their response was to share this information immediately with the police involved. The family of the officer were visited before the iopc acknowledge receipt of the flash drive. In full view of my cctv they were told in clear indisputable detail what was on it. I then had 45 minutes of destruction to my property as punishment.

The iopc deny sharing the contents of the flash drive. They signed for it at 8.45am but did not acknowledge it until 13.58. My neighbour was informed before 13.45. They are dishonest and I can prove it with the cctv footage.

I have been assaulted, threatened, harassed, criminal damage/destruction of my property and bullied by my neighbours.

The police response????…..
Refuse to log any crimes by my neighbours.
Falsified a statement I gave to aid my violent neighbour who attacked me in full view of my cctv.
Tried to delete cctv footage on my phone.
Hacked into my freesat Wi-Fi in an attempt to gain access to my evidence.
Never where a bodycam whilst in my home.
Turn up in pairs at my home. One hiding out of view and entering home without consent.
Being held against my will in my bathroom, demanding they leave, whilst they shout "are you trying to kill yourself".
Accused of threatening to have people shot, because they said I did.. Again no bodycam worn so their word is the truth.
Put under police surveillance using neighbouring property.
Labelled a shop lifter. Resulting in shop security personnel in my face and a manager in 1 store coming across a counter at me. I've never shop lifted.
Accused of using a stolen contact less card. I do not even have one.
Told I am a violent person and have mental health issues. I've never hit anyone but I guess they can high five themselves for the ptsd!!
Regularly followed by police.
Harassed and threatened by son in law of neighbours, he's a police officer.

Despite witnesses and cctv footage to back up recent events my neighbours remain untouchable, protected by the police at any cost. And now the Iopc have picked sides with a clear motive.. To protect the misconduct by the police so they can continue harming me at any cost. The officers are so consumed with hate towards me that they have lost sight of the truth and honesty.

The Iopc are not fit for purpose. Is there anyone out there that is honest any more?

So much is being said about giving police more powers to protect themselves but who may I ask is actually protecting us, the public, from the police??? It certainly is not the Iopc.


1 year ago

Unfair Justice- IN 2017 I was assaulted by a group of men in an restaurant over non payment of goods supplied. I called the Hertfordshire police who turned up and went to speak to the other side it transpired that I was the aggressor. I requested them to check the CCTV which they failed also more importantly to take witnesses which again failed – I was advised if I seen going to this premises I would be arrested the only option was to go to small claims court where they got the CCJ with all there suppliers this is what they do !! Take goods and not pay I got no justice from the police nor IOPC even did not take my witness statement I had to follow police process again a big cover up and how would this be independent and transparent taking care of there own people again I saw the area constable with the Licencing officers who would look into this again this cover up and no honesty !! After many months of battle with the police I got no where I decided to approach the IOPC there I only missed my dead line by 2 days as there were other issues to be dealt they have closed it seems they are corrupt and usless and waste of time and need require replacing injustice I thought I was the only one but but today reading other reviews I am not the only one here earlier last year a Televised program about the police there a lots of concerns also most importantly when they are on road they would like everyone to make space so the police can jump the traffic how injustice it seem Great Britain is not that great its not getting like third world countries- The police are well looked after there is other side of the story but would be interested what IOPC what like to comment ………………Just need Justice I suggest strongly if you speak to the police you must record what they said because they are good in cover up and remember the law will favour them and not you………………………………According to the government guidelines you should be given a police reference which they did not give but promised to send when I emailed they made another cover that not incident had taken place so my question is why did I call them??????????????? If they had proved I had wasted police time why did they not arrest me?????????????? Its a question it will not be long when people will take law in their hands as there is no justice they system is a failure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1 year ago

Death of PD Ivy

PD Ivy died from heat stroke after being left unattended and unchecked for over two hours in full sun in a West Mercia Police (WMP) vehicle on one of the hottest days of 2018 The WMP issued an initial police statement which claimed that 'Ivy was in a purpose-designed climate-controlled police vehicle'. In fact, the vehicle was an ordinary police vehicle with a standard air-conditioner rigged to run from the car engine when stationery. There was no humidity control (beyond 80% humidity the effectiveness of panting is negated), no thermostat control and no alarm system. The veterinary record showed that during the two hours during which Ivy was left unattended in her vehicle, her body temperature exceeded 43C, the maximum recorded by a veterinary thermometer, whereas the normal temperature for a dog is between 38 to 39.2C

Chief Inspector Mark Colqhoun of the WMP commissioned a Peer Review Report from the Staffordshire Police but the terms of reference were set by the WMP and stated that 'The review is not to attribute blame but to act as a critical friend in establishing the facts surrounding the death of PD Ivy, identifying any lessons to be learned and providing transparency in order to maintain public confidence'. In other words, the Staffordshire Police were forbidden from attaching any blame to the actions of the WMP and far from criticizing the actions of WMP the Staffordshire Police were expected to be their 'critical friend'. The review was NOT intended to establish any culpability for the death of PD Ivy.

In the event, the Staffordshire Police Peer Review was highly critical of WMP and included the following summary comments:

Section 10.10 'There seems to be no recorded or supporting evidence available that shows that consideration was given to the welfare of the resting dogs on the day in question鈥?apos;

Section 10.11 'It is in my view the responsibility of both training staff and handlers to ensure that regular checks are conducted at all times throughout training and operational deployment and especially in extremes of temperature'

Nevertheless, in a statement issued in October 2018, the WMP blamed equipment failure for the death of PD Ivy and refused to accept any responsibility for her death.

Following the release of the WMP statement, we made an official complaint to the WMP Professional Standards Office but they refused to register our complaint because we were not 'witnesses' and had no 'evidence'. We appealed to the IOPC who told us that we could not use the Staffordshire Police Peer Review as evidence because it is 'a publicly available document which can be accessed or retrieved from public sources'. What sort of reason is that?

The Animal Welfare Act places a duty of care on individuals to ensure that they take reasonable steps in all the circumstances to meet the welfare needs of their animals to the extent required by good practice (RSPCA website). In our opinion, it is manifest that the WMP did NOT take reasonable steps to ensure the welfare needs of PD Ivy.

We requested that the RSPCA make a separate and independent enquiry into the death of PD Ivy but they refused and said that they were satisfied that the Staffordshire Police Force had 'conducted a full and thorough investigation into the circumstances of Ivy's death and did not identify any criminal offences'. They declined to make any further investigation or enquiry.

Our view
The WMP investigated themselves and decided they had done nothing wrong. The Professional Standards Office and the IOPC refused to allow any public complaint against the WMP. The RSPCA accepted the result of the WMP internal investigation without any further investigation or enquiry. Ivy was failed by her police handlers who did not properly ensure her welfare, failed by the senior officers of the WPC who refused to accept responsibility for her death and failed by the RSPCA who refused to independently investigate the circumstances of her death.

In our view, the police force involved and the IOPC failed to provide the standard of honesty and integrity that we expect from public bodies. When we questioned the IOPC about why we could not use the Staffordshire Police Report as evidence for our complaint we were told

'Point (ii) deals with instances where an individual have in the possession or control, evidence that may be admissible during criminal proceedings. This may include for instance, control of CCTV cameras that captures the conduct complained about. We note that you are in possession of the lndependent Peer Review by Staffordshire Police which may well be admissible evidence as part of any criminal proceedings. However, this is a publicly available document which can be accessed or retrieved for public sources. lt is not evidence that is exclusively in your possession or control. ln the circumstances, the IOPC does not consider your complaint falls into point (ii).'

In this response, the IOPC is saying that an official police report is 'not evidence' because it is publicly available evidence. This is an absurd statement and clearly shows how far the complaints procedure is biased in favour of the police. Instead of making a fair assessment of the merits of a complaint, the IOPC appears to be looking for any excuse or a technicality to reject the complaint.

The whole episode is utterly discreditable to the police force involved, to the IOPC and to the RSPCA.


1 year ago

In my experience, however robust the evidence and case you submit, it isn't possible to win by proving the Police as incompetent. All the best with your case.


1 year ago

This notorious and corrupt British government body that is run by the Home Office (Windrush Scandal, anybody?) was originally set up after the McPherson Inquiry, yet is an insult to the memory of the murdered Stephen Lawrence. With its false prefix of 鈥淚ndependent鈥? it was designed from the beginning to give the public the impression, via the media, that complaints about the police were now being dealt with by an independent body, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth, since most police complaints are still required to be sent to the police forces that caused them, which are anything but 鈥渋ndependent鈥? Even most police complaint appeals are dealt with 鈥渋n-house鈥?by a senior officer within the same force, many of which never uphold a complaint, even on appeal!

The IOPC and all the other fraudulent British 鈥渞egulators鈥? 鈥渁uthorities鈥?like the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and 鈥渙mbudsmen鈥?are all an expression of the corrupt British government and control system. The IPCC/IOPC have even had a public demonstration outside their offices in London, such is the level of public frustration and dissatisfaction!

The British police complaints system is notoriously dishonest, corrupt, frustrating and unjust and has been so since the beginning. It is a complete fraud, designed to make sure no one gets anywhere with their genuine complaints. The IOPC 鈥渙versees鈥?this utterly corrupt and abusive system and rubber-stamps 90% of police forces鈥?decisions not to even record complaints. They reject 90% of appeals against non-recording decisions, sometimes in rude, disturbing, arrogant, insulting and offensive ways.

The Police Reform Act 2002 and the Police (Complaint and Misconduct) Regulations 2012 are even framed to prevent complaints about dubious or dishonest handling of complaints by police, by branding such complaints 鈥渕isuse and manipulation of the police complaints process鈥? So if you complain, like I did, that an officer abused and manipulated the complaints process in dealing with your complaint, you will then have that complaint 鈥渘on-recorded鈥?using the excuse that you yourself have 鈥渁bused and manipulated the process鈥? This protects the corrupt process and officers and is obviously a form of institutionalised corruption.

I have had two complaints about two different police forces 鈥渘on-recorded鈥? where the police refuse to even record the complaint. Both subsequent 鈥渁ppeals鈥?to the IOPC were insultingly and callously rejected, adding to the enormous stress, distress, frustration and poor health I had already been suffering.

The first was a complaint made, in desperation, to the British Transport Police, Camden Town, London about my own so-called 鈥渂rother鈥? an arrogant, abusive, lying and crooked detective constable who committed fraud and perjury in collusion with his English solicitor sister-in-law and crooked Cumbrian probate law firm Gedye & Sons, in order to unlawfully and fraudulently remove me and our uncle as executors named in our late mother鈥檚 will, behind our backs, so that he could act as the sole executor behind our backs. He had his local Essex Police send me a dodgy 鈥渉arassment warning鈥?and later even tried to have them prosecute me for 鈥渞acially aggravated harassment鈥?behind my back. This charge, based on an extremely dubious, questionable and oppressive harassment law carries a maximum 5 – 7 year prison sentence and went as far as the Crown Prosecution Service, who decided not to prosecute. I only even found out about this after making a complaint to Essex Police. It is a clear case of attempted Malicious Prosecution. He also interfered in complaints I made to the firm he instructed without my consent (who took 拢21,000 from my mother鈥檚 estate to abuse me) and the appalling, corrupt Legal Ombudsman, who 鈥渄ismissed鈥?my case. The BTP refused to record my complaint, using the flimsy excuse that he was not on duty at the time. Does that mean there's no such thing as "Off-Duty Misconduct" for UK police? The IOPC Assessment Analyst who dealt with my appeal wrote that he had 鈥渄ecided to agree with the BTP鈥檚 rationale that your complaint is an abuse of process, as you have sought to misuse and manipulate the police complaints procedure to involve the BTP in a personal family matter鈥? Complete nonsense! So why didn鈥檛 Essex Police say it was a 鈥減ersonal family matter鈥? when this 鈥渂rother鈥?reported me to them, when they sent me a harassment warning and tried to maliciously prosecute me at my crooked brother鈥檚 bidding? Even a Police Sergeant from Essex Police told me, 鈥淭he fact that the BTP stated it was a "family issue" is a decision they have made, but does not necessarily mean it is the right one.鈥?The response was extremely dishonest, insulting and offensive. The Analyst told me police are also entitled to make criminal complaints of harassment. What he didn鈥檛 say was that both police and lawyers misuse and manipulate the dubious harassment law to make false accusations against innocent people, even victims, for their own selfish, malicious purposes. Vindictive police officers like my "brother" like to falsely incriminate people as a means of punishment or revenge. What I have suffered because of him and the corrupt, unjust British system would fill a book.

Incidentally, my Google review of the British Transport Police was removed, without explanation, by censors Google, along with reviews of Cumbria Constabulary and London Executive Offices, all of which related to my treatment by my 鈥渂rother鈥?and law firm Gedye & Sons. They removed SIX out of my nine reviews, prompted, I believe, by Gedye & Sons, probably with the help of lawyers鈥?body, the Law Society, in conjunction with the BTP and the others. Similar reviews are on Trustpilot.

The second complaint covered up by the IOPC was done on behalf of the appallingly corrupt, hostile, incompetent and racist Cumbria Constabulary. The crooked probate firm Gedye & Sons are based in Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria, but one of the owner/directors moved to London to rent small office space in a building called 15 Old Bailey in the City. Prompted by my BTP 鈥渂rother鈥? he invited me to meet him under the pretext of helping and advising me as an executor, but instead when we met he threatened me, lied to me, took advantage of me and perpetrated fraud on me to remove me as an active executor, using a crooked probate solicitor鈥檚 trick known as 鈥減ower reserved鈥? He also pushed me into signing a dishonest, manipulative, fraudulent statement typed by him that was extremely detrimental to me. When I later visited the City of London Police and told them what he did to me, they told me it was FRAUD. It is also against Solicitors Regulation Authority rules to take advantage of an unrepresented person. He used his abusive meeting with me to obtain a Grant of Probate in my brother鈥檚 sole name, fraudulently removing me as an active executor behind my back and then proceeded to taunt and mentally torture me, refusing me estate information I was entitled to and even refusing me the attendance notes of the abusive meeting he had with me. Because of this I later had to go to the trouble of getting my own Grant of Probate, which I took to their main office in Grange to show them and ask for estate information. Staff asked me to wait in reception, but then secretly phoned Cumbria Police on me and kept me waiting 20 minutes while they waited for the police to arrive. Just before the police arrived, two staff came out to meet me pretending they wanted to help me, but when I responded, one of them, the office manager suddenly said, 鈥淚鈥檒l have to stop you there because we were told by the directors to call the police if you came to the office and they are now here鈥? They set a trap for me, but neither she nor the police knew I had audio recorded everything. Even though I was never, at any time, asked to leave by the staff, I was harassed and threatened by these two hostile policewomen 2217 and 2408 who were extremely prejudiced against me.

A complaint (one of many) made to Cumbria Police was handled appallingly by a female Sergeant Seath of Barrow Police Station, who completely ignored and never addressed anything in my complaint, which was based on my audio recording, and spoke to and colluded with the Cumbrian solicitors while deliberately avoiding hearing from me. But even before that, the Complaints Manager summarised my complaint in such a way as to deliberately cover up the dubious, hostile behaviour of Gedye & Sons staff, colluding with them against me. Sergeant 1661 sent me a letter saying she should hear from me by January 31, but her letter wasn鈥檛 posted until Jan 30 and only arrived on Jan 31. She then went ahead and sent me her awful, minimal response on Feb 1, in which she acted as though she was a spokeswoman for the solicitors. She also sent an internal Log Report to her Professional Standards Department that was riddled with lies about me from the solicitors and police officers and falsely accused me of 鈥渃riminal harassment鈥? The senior (female) Cumbria officer who dealt with my appeal refused to address the issues I raised in the internal appeal, so what is the point of the appeal? I later made a complaint about the appalling way Sgt 1661 manipulated the process to avoid contact, but this was 鈥渘on-recorded鈥?by the appalling PSD, with my second appeal to the IOPC rejected yet again despite lots of evidence. This affected my health the week I received the "decision". The (female) IOPC 鈥渁nalyst鈥?basically said Cumbria Police could deal with a complaint in any way they chose eg. by refusing to address the complaints, by lying about the complainant and constructing a false narrative of events, by colluding with third parties and involving them in your complaint, but that to protest about all these things is 鈥渁buse and manipulation of the complaints process鈥? What nonsense! Independent? The OPC are nothing of the sort, being a companion body to the police.


1 year ago

Independent (Total Poppycock – Cover up Merchants for the police and Government) Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) – IPCC part 2 ….

The IOPC / IPCC are now using Gagging orders (as in the Martin McGartland case) to cover up their Botched reports, failings, 'investigations' and to protect the police … Just search google for more info (can't add page links to this page)

The wording of IOPC / IPCC Gagging Order (document) word for word as follows;

"IOPC INVESTIGATION INTO COMPLAINTS MADE BY MR [REDACTED] AND MS [REDACTED] Confidentiality Undertaking This undertaking relates to the arrangements for the inspection by Mr [REDACTED] and Ms [REDACTED] of the summary final report ("the report") in the above investigation.

The inspection will be facilitated over two working days (8 am to 5pm) at the IOPC office in [REDACTED] Two laptop devices will be made available for the purposes of the inspection. The inspection will be supervised by two members of IOPC staff unconnected with the investigation.

By signing the undertaking you agree to the following:

1. I understand that the report is disclosed to me on a confidential basis.

2. I agree to surrender all recording and mobile devices on attendance at the IOPC office and not to take notes, copy or otherwise reproduce any part of the report.

3. I understand that a failure to comply with the terms of this undertaking may result in the inspection not going ahead, or the IOPC taking steps to terminate the inspection.

4. I understand that as a consequence of signing this undertaking, I must not divulge any of the report's contents (including orally) to any third party, and I must not permit the publication or dissemination of any information from the report in any form.

5. I understand that in the event that I wish to seek legal advice on the content of the report, a separate confidentiality agreement will need to be entered in to between the IOPC and any lawyer instructed. Name: Signature: Date:"


1 year ago

Nothing independent about it, the people who dealt with my complaint were both ex police officers, and BIAS to the very end.

there is NO justice in this country anymore.


1 year ago

Can be useful for building up a case but it usually just delays and silences everything while they investigate just like requesting their opinion through the freedom of information act

There are more independent and objective places to contact if you simply want an opinion on your case such as public newspapers and social media

But for financial compensation you're better off just taking your evidence of the police involved to barristers and judges and pursuing legal action against them in a small claims County Court


1 year ago

IOPC is normal cover up for the police. Nothing independent here.
Forward a video footage to collision department for hit and run.
Investigation officer said they believe 3rd party that did not provide any evidence, and my video evidence that I provided, showing deliberately hit my car on my from the inside and then flee the accident.
So I complained to the PF who was dealing with it. From January 2019 up to now nothing is been done.
So I complained to the IOPC. Get a auto reply of IOPC the same day. Next day I receive an email against the officer I complained for , telling me that is not a lot I can expect even if I put a complain.
Are they are a joke or what?


1 year ago

Comment 13.
I have found in conversation that the Police only investigate and charge a person if ' It's in the public interest'.
So the taxes we pay doesn't automatically qualify you for justice.
That's why Michael Twitwood is in charge.
The IOPC agree with this!
In fact you receive justice only if you are a VIP, millionaire or similar, but Mister Ordinary from Birmingham will receive Nothing!
My statement is fair as I had evidence of perjury against nationally recognised company managers but I was ignored by the Police as it wasn't in the public interest.
I stated I was going to bring them to justice even without them, only to be ' Threatened' by a Police Sergeant that I would be arrested if I took it any further.
Nothing came of my complaint against him.
The IOPC agree that to 'Disrupt' by investigation against any CEO/Director could see unemployment rise and who would pay the penalty. Yep your right. Us ordinary ones.
Don't trust ANYONE in charge who wipes his mouth with toilet paper!
So ' Not in the public interest'.
As I said let's rid ourselves of this IOPC corrupt filth. REFUSE with all your strength through your prosecuting solicitor and remind him/her of the reasons.
Look at the reviews.


1 year ago

and yet again i am attacked in my own home and NO police assistance came to my aid ! the first time i was in my garden when this junkie came over and attacked me for no reason 6 members of public dialed 999 and i dialed twice no police ever arrived, i could have been killed. again this Sunday i was sat on the boot of my car enjoying the sun with a brew and a young Asian lad jumped over my fence to attack me as i had asked his girlfriend an hour ago to please not park on my drive way/car park. after 15 minutes of heightened abuse i dialed 999 and no one came 4 days later i get a call from the pcso department asking me to not film and ask her/anyone to leave my property, you couldn't write this garbage !!!!!


1 year ago

Not just Bad, it's Shocking.
Guard Dogs to prevent the public from getting Justice.


1 year ago

Dishonest organisation. No integrity.

When it was set up a number of years ago the body representing the solicitors who were liasing with the board withdraw. Says it all