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4 years ago

The brainiest hang out here.In my opinion,this should be mainstream media.Most of the subjects covered here are of global interest,and the analyses are equally engaging as enlightening.A true gem


4 years ago

This 'non profit' THINK TANK is populated by some pretty intelligent folks and they appear to be telling us what the problem is:

1. Government Got Too Big
2. We Should Not Be at War

The 'how' of it all seems more elusive to these smart folks, but we do get this tidbit from this page:

which reads,

"In his landmark books, Crisis and Leviathan (Oxford University Press), and the new Against Leviathan, Independent Institute Senior Fellow Robert Higgs (Editor, The Independent Review) shows that the main reason for this growth lies in governments responses to national crises (real or imagined), including economic upheavals (e.g., the Great Depression) and especially wars (e.g., Spanish-American War, World Wars I and II, Cold War, etc.)."

So, we get, "Government's Response, Real or Imagined." Not a lot of confidence for DC from these smart dudes. One would think that a THINK TANK would know if their government was acting on 'imagined' stuff!!!' (I'll help them out, go look up the Maine, a reported False Flag, not a matter of 'real or imagined', DC appears to be manufacturing their own 'crisis.').

The site goes on to name John Quincy Adams as a guy who raised a red flag on DC. Can verify that UCLA, at least, still teaches that John Quincy founded the anti-Masonic Party — something this site won't do (that I found). Quincy's anti-Masonic Party founding aligns with the reported subversion of US Masons in 1818. (This would suggest that all the 'hidden hand' imagery of Washington was alright – Good Masonry/Bad FreeMasonry…). Stalin did that 'hidden hand' stuff too, doesn't really look good either way, unfortunately. Captain Morgan was murdered before he could deliver a massive expose on the International Freemasons. The murder attracted negative press in the US and exposed the Freemasonic Secret Society. Always possible that John Quincy Adams was a selected as 'plant' to get ahead of the negative exposure and bring the public back in-line with his 'apparent' support in ridding the US of the Freemasons – something the US population wanted. Of course, the anti-Masonic Party faded away as soon as the 'exposure' was contained…

We literally need the Masons to have been subverted (1st Mason was a good guy in Torah, Hiram Abiff). Another name with a 'RAM,' by the way. Sure enough, HiRAM is associated with the 'True King of Egypt' from 1,554 BC. Not all the RAM guys were bad – some were Zedeks of Melchizedekian fame. Some say these RAM types were the original 'Angels' and 'Fallen Angels.' Add that info with some others and Shem was a Cro-Magnun Melchizedek RAM – which makes our current life situation something like the movie, FACE/OFF. Which is the Melchizedek and which is the Banker Priest King?

Also, consider Tolkien, who got his stuff from Nordic Myth. He wrote that Orcs, who were once Nordic Elves (Ynglings), were kidnapped and tortured and made to turn against their Nordic Origins. Mystery Babylon with Sargon or Nimrod? Other sources say that the Melchizedek Shem killed Nimrod; other stories too, like Esau killed Nimrod. Sargon looks to have been the real problem, imho… Perhaps the 1st Orc, or chimera, as 'they' are also called (which may represent the traits of the DNA (by tribe) that went into the 'Orc').

Today is the Same as Old: Melchizedek vs the Orc Babylonian Banker Priest King

Keep an eye on this website as it converges on Conspiracy Theory. Likely, as hidden information spreads, individuals at Think Tanks will be freed to release what they know. Truth Bombs will Fly. Happen to know someone at RAND that would love to speak on a few things regarding Labor Economics. Really Bad.

The 'scholars' at this website are clearly from the Austrian School of Economics. Don't have time to read everything they have, but looks like an excellent source of scholarly truth.

* Play with their Tax Tool program to see how much DC will take from you in your life.

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8 years ago

Much of the information on the site is cherry picked and inaccurate. Media demagogues like John Stossel from Fox News also write for this site. Hardly "independent" in light of this evidence.

Come to this site if you want information from a neoliberal right wing Christian point of view. They are extremely pro-privatization.


11 years ago

Finally, an accurate news source!

Is legit or scam? Can I trust

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