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4 years ago

Larisa Arnold visit to my home and she showed design and we agree with the price and I paid initial deposit 拢3500 and after few weeks later she asked me another payment I paid second time as well.
For this women I paid 拢6868 and despaired and I lost completely all money.


6 years ago

Do NOT use this company. This company is a family outfit, setting out to deceive and are grossly incompetent.

The director showed us a sample of an HDF unit and said that this was factory assembled and could be altered to any individual design. After agreeing the design and paying the deposit a date for delivery was arranged. When the day came, only the carcasses were supplied and they were made from MDF and came flat packed, not assembled. They took 16 weeks to complete the supply whilst we lived with just a fridge and a microwave and never once offered an apology, always blaming someone else for the delays. Several 'bespoke' units didn't appear and eventually standard sized ones had to be cut and altered to fit the design. After many emails, phone calls and complaints, the surveyor, who it turns out is the designer's father, came down and tried to blame the fitters, who were dumb-struck, as they couldn't fit parts that hadn't been supplied, or were the wrong size. These fitters, by the way, had been supplied and recommended by Indesigned, but they denied this and tried to pass blame back on to us for using inferior workmen. On several occasions they even sent us parts which were destined for other customers, by mistake.

The final part of the job was to fit the glass splash-backs, and we are still waiting, nearly a year later! I have taken them to the County Court and won, and I'm still waiting!


6 years ago

I paid this company a deposit and then they disappeared, so I lost 拢1700. Please don't trust or do business with this disgraceful company


6 years ago

We made the mistake of instructing Indesigned to supply and fit our kitchen – taken in by the glossy pictures and promises on their website.

The director of Indesigned came to my house and after submitting her plans to me, persuaded me to pay them 70% off the cost upfront, promising me it would "speed things up", and that the kitchen would be supplied and fitted the following week. This was in April and 13 weeks later we still do not have a completed kitchen.

The week she arranged to have our old kitchen removed, she assured me the units and appliances were arriving later the same week. In fact, we were left with no kitchen at all for nearly 8 weeks. When I spoke to the supplier Indesigned were using, they explained the kitchen had not even been ordered until after my old kitchen was removed.

Indesigned are almost impossible to contact, as no-one ever answers their emails or mobiles, and no messages are returned. On the occasion we did get a reply, it was another attempt to string us along, assuring us everything was on schedule and things would all be sorted out the following week. This has dragged on for 13 weeks now, and we have finally realised that they are never going to finish the job, so we are paying for someone else to do it.

None of the photos on their website are actually the work of Indesigned, and the 3 "nationwide" landlines, all connect to one or two mobiles, which go straight to voicemail and the messages never returned!

The kitchen fitter contracted by Indesigned to fit our kitchen, has never been paid a penny by them – despite us paying 拢2000 to Indesigned for fitting costs back in April.
The tiler contracted by Indesigned to fit the floor tiles was also not paid.
The other staff they used for doing the survery and electrical work were family members and do not appear to be qualified for the work that was done – particularly the electrics, which have been left in a shocking state, with no certification.
We are having to pay again to have this resolved.

When, after 5 weeks of nothing, we finally started getting deliveries, the wrong units were delivered as the "surveyor" had not correctly done his job. Several units were missing and it was another 3 weeks till they arrived, followed by another 3 weeks before the doors arrived!
All in all it was an absolute nightmare, with both my husband and I having to take time off work to try and resolve things and deal with the immense stress caused to us and our 2 young children from having no kitchen at all and no idea of if and when we would ever get a kitchen.

Every single aspect of our dealings with Indesigned has been a nightmare. We had to try and chase things up daily, deal with multiple incorrect deliveries – flooring, appliances, end panels. We ended up paying to have end panels and pelmets delivered from another supplier, just so the fitter could do his job – for which he has yet to receive a penny from Indesigned.

They have been completely unapologetic and unhelpful throughout, and threatened us to stop contacting their suppliers when we found out the kitchen had not been ordered.
The director has told me today she is winding down the company as she has no money left, hence it is unlikely our fitter will be ever be paid, or our kitchen finished by Indesigned. I would not be surprised if she started up the company under another name however, and would be very upset to think other families might be affected as badly as we have been.
The company is registered to a residential flat in Barnet, and we only ever had dealings with the director and one other lady – neither of whom have been helpful at all during our 13 weeks of misery.
We have reported them to trading standards, but would advise people not to have any dealings with Indesigned or any other company set up by the same director.


6 years ago

I approached this company with a requirement for a new kitchen. I used an online offer for a free design service.

The sales team contacted me and arranged an evening appointment on the Thursday before Easter bank holiday. I received a phone call about three hours before the meeting to tell me that the designer could not make the appointment accompanied by some story about why. I was then contacted by "a director" of the company by text top apologise for the way in which the team had dealt with me and a request to personally come out and see me the following week. I agreed to a meeting and asked them to contact me the following week to arrange something for Thursday. I got a call from the company on Wednesday confirming that the appointment would take place on Wednesday evening….again requiring me to leave work early to be on time for the meeting. No one showed up again.

The following morning I contacted the company again to complain. The lady who I had arranged the meeting with wondered why no one had appeared for the meeting, then having checked the diary, immediately changed her story and suggested that the meeting was actually scheduled for the Thursday evening. Despite several prompts to do so, the lady refused to apologise. I was again contacted by the "director" who confirmed the appointment was in fact set for Thursday. We had a brief discussion on the phone about quality, prices and guarantees (admittedly with me being quite candid and direct about my fears and concerns and that I would be comparing their pricing with competitors and asking her to verify her claims on guarantees and quality). The director agreed to attend the meeting (now the third attempt) that evening. Two hours before the meeting, the director emailed to say that she would not be attending the meeting (again!) and that they would not be able to help me.

Absolutely shocking treatment of potential customers, clearly no respect that I took early leave from the office three times to attend meetings.

Is Indesigned legit or scam? Can I trust Indesigned?

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