4 months ago

I am sadly writing this review as I am currently being let down by Indesit. Last week the hot water and heating stopped working. I reported it on the Monday and they told me they could not get anyone out until the Friday. Only when I pushed did they make this Thursday. I work from home and have Sickle Cell, so had to wait 3 days in cold. When the worker came, he was professional, and changed the fuse. Fine, it all worked perfectly. But on Monday 5th October, the same problem has happened again! Once again they have told me to wait till Thursday. I have asked for a heater to be ordered in the interim time that I may keep my home warm, but they said no. So, once again i have been in the cold for several days, often using the gas hob for warmth. I do not know what the source of the problem will be but am not happy it takes so long and that they do not provide any interim service while we have to wait.


5 months ago

Useless products, their customer service is a mickey mouse operation. Indesit washer dryer broke down twice within it's first 9 months. It's broken down again and its not even up to 3 years old. They want to put you on an annual service plan of almost 拢200 to fix their useless machines, they should be fixing for free. Then when it comes to booking the repair you do not get the slot you picked online. They tell you that engineer will come out between 1pm and 4pm, no option of set times, like everyone is at home during those times on a week day! Customer service on the phone was rude, kept talking over me and was condescending, she was not interested in solving the customer's problem. She even got annoyed and put the phone down on me when I kept pointing out inconsistencies in their booking system. For example signing you up for a service contract with Domestic and General but not sending any confirmation email or anything in the post, I called Domestic and General and they said they did not have any contract set up. But yet they had already set up a direct debit with my bank. I have cancelled the direct debit now and the repair, I will be chucking the machine in the skip. AVOID WHIRLPOOL BRANDS like the plague they are. They keep breaking down, having recalls, and when you have problems all they are interested in is getting more money off you, they do not care about you as a customer. Do not fall into the trap of buying these whirlpool brands: Indesit, Hotpoint, Whirlpool.


8 months ago

put my life at risk
bought cooker Indesit ID60G2K Freestanding Gas Cooker, Black may 2019
gas kept going out.
engineer called THREE times ,
problem not resolved , both ovens just suddenly go out in middle of cooking.
called Indesit again after lockdown, .
cooker now 13 months old and basically refused to come out unless i pay them
now going via legal system !


10 months ago

My 85 year old disabled grandmother has been without a Fridge freezer now for 11 days. It took you over a week just to go and look at it now you are waiting for parts with no eta. Absolutely disgusting service. It's only a year old, you should be replacing the whole thing in today's current situation. Customer service couldn't care less.


1 year ago

10 days waiting for a part, no online chat available no response to email transferred twice still waiting to talk to someone 35 mins later.
Finally got through apparently parts have got lost ?
Have been told parts reordered and will be with me in two days.
Hmmmmmm !


1 year ago

Indesit Bwa81483xsuk index 8 kg 1400 rpm washing machine
It will only work with drain pipe coming up over machine attached to an extension pipe and drain directly in to the sink.
It would not work when attached to fitted spout under the sink via hole in cabinet as all other machines have used.
It a terrible washer poor quality it does not wash well I have to put things through two cycles.
It's an 8 kg washer but will only spin with half a load.
I've had other manufacturers and never had this problem on a machine that was just delivered.
I'm disgusted


1 year ago

Customer service
What customer service


1 year ago

Indesit Innex washing machine fault code flashing and not heating up after only 18 months (in a two person household), which is disappointing enough.
Ordered a new heating element ("genuine spare part") that turns out too small to form a seal, so washing machine is basically not repairable because they don't supply fitting spares, thereby forcing customers to buy a whole new machine.

What a waste! Not only of my money, but of resources.
In a day and age where recycling should be a priority for everyone.

P.S. My last washing machine lasted 15 years. It is possible!


1 year ago

Our new washing machine developed a fault after six weeks. Contacted Indesit CS and advised they couldn鈥檛 get an engineer to us for five days. Supposed to come today and I stayed in waiting but driver couldn鈥檛 find our house on a residential road so moved onto his next job. My number was given as contact but was never called. He called my wife鈥檚 number who was at work but when she returned the call it went back to their customer services. Called Customer Services straightaway but was told the driver wouldn鈥檛 come back. Now got to wait another six days for an engineer. I have worked in Customer Services for 40 years and never experienced the total lack of effort to resolve an issue. Have always bought Indesit but this will be the last time.


1 year ago

Our 6 month old washing machine is smocking and smelling of burning.

Called the help line spoke to 5 different people. They don鈥檛 send out mechanics after 6pm or weekends so I have to take a day off to wait for an engineer as they can鈥檛 tell me what time they will come.

I will never buy an indisit again as they should not catch fire within 6 months.


2 years ago

Their dishwasher broke down after just over a years use, they charge 拢120.00 for a so called engineer to come and say it was not faulty at sale and "mend" it. Their attitude is arrogant and unhelpful, I would say do not buy one their cheaply made unreliable appliances (hotpoint, whirlpool,indesit)


2 years ago

I have been shocked by Indesit's 'customer care'.
Have a double oven, rarely usedbut cared for and as new, almost caught fire top oven. Engineer came out and said an enamel coating has been missed off during manufacture.
Been 'going round in circles' with Indesit, passing the problem from one place to another, even stating "can't help, it is a cosmetic problem". Since when was the floor of an oven cosmetic, it is part of the structure and not to look good? Now because the cooker is 6 years old the excuse is it is old! When it was sold to us it was not fit for purpose and having a vital coating missing could have had serious consequences.
We expected this appliance to be safe and at least experience as customers more sympathy from Indesit, they sold us it!!


2 years ago

I rarely spend my time on internet reviews, I tend to give second and even 3rd chances to companies/people, however this time is so bad I need to write about my experience. Bougth an INDESIT washer dryer from CURRYS online. 2 months old washer dryer , dryer it's faulty, it never worker. Engeneers booked 5 times in 3 weeks and never showed up. They just found excuses for not coming and check my washing machine, they do not want to work, they lazy and unhelpful. People at the phone/live chat unsympathetic. Hopefully tomorrow the 6th time will be the lucky one. Very bad customer service. PS Only because CURRYS is not helpful in taking back the washing machine, I would prefer to get an LG as I used to have, good machine and good customer service.


2 years ago

Washing machine broke down after 15 months. Company wanted 拢120 up front before they would send out an engineer. 5 years parts cover but would only guarantee any NEW parts fitted for 3 months. Call centre just hung up on me when I refused to pay up front. No customer service at all with rude and uncaring staff. Avoid this brand, as it appears their products are not up to the job they are designed for!


3 years ago

Disgusting service ,no wash mach repair for a week,had to wait in three times,engineer does repair,then leaves ,leaving machine with leak that WASN'T there before,tell indesit engineer has damaged machine,and they want to book it as NEW repair,expect me to wait a week to repair damage done by engineer,have to argue and spend hour on phone to get engineer back next day.Amongst other things ,concrete in wash mach is crumbling replaces concrete,but without telling me,leaves huge slab of concrete,on front garden without telling me.concrete has vicious,steel spike sticking out ,what am I supposed to do with that,horrible,horrible service.


3 years ago

Never buy an Indesit because if it becomes faulty as mine did after just 8weeks they don't care. An engineer called and said a new circuit board is needed and it would have to be ordered and take at least 3 weeks. I phoned Indesit and the advisor was totally uncaring I told him I had already waited a week and couldn't wait another 3 as I have 3 childrens clothes to wash plus my uniform. He said nothing could be done as the part wasn't available, he wouldn't let me speak to a manager and virtually said tough luck. I contacted John Lewis who I bought the item from and they arranged a replacement which I received in 4 days. Other washing machine manufacturers may have better customer service. Probably not as good as John Lewis though.


3 years ago

am writing a complaint about the service I have got from Indesit

I spoke to a very rude ill mannered customer service representative called Rudy
who was not helpful at all.

I was asked to take a day off from work to install and deliver a unit i bought from Currys. The unit was faulty and after 5 engineer visit it was decided that it cannot be fixed and i need a new appliance.

I managed to take a day off yesterday and waited the whole day.

A engineer came and picked up the old unit and then left
another engineer came and delivered the new unit

I was then waited the whole day and the 3rd engineer never came back to install it.

I rang in and they asked me to take another day off (which i dont get paid for)
I said after months of waiting to get this broken unit replaced i need to take further holiday to install this unit.

Rudy as his name states was very rude and as a customer service representative had no customer service skills. H never understood where i am coming from.

I asked can you at least meet me half way and do this later the day where i can arrange things at work. He straight away said NO. I asked to speak to some management and he refused to pass the call saying he is following procedures. I was getting no way or any support from Indesit and they never once thought apologized for the engineer not turning up but told me to write a complaint letter.

I am posting this on all media so everyone can see the level of customer service you guys have.

Never going to buy your stuff again.


4 years ago

NEVER BUY INDESIT!!! I bought a fridge and a dish washer and less than a year later both stopped working. Indesit has the worst customer service ever, it took 3 weeks to fix the problem with the dish washer and now my fridge just broke and they did not even pick up my phone calls, unless you are willing to hold the line for 20 minutes of course… I had to pay for someone to fix it when my fridge is not even 2 years old!!!


6 years ago

I've done the terrible mistake to accept a protection plan instead of buying a new machine. Most of the time if they offer this kind of contracts there's always a downside for the customer and Indesti just proved me right. First appointment they arrived but didn't have the the parts to fix the washing machine. One day of work lost. Second time, first available after a week, the engineer shows up and then live the building without even checking the washing machine because he said he could'r find a place to park his car. This is true, I know it sounds completely insane. I call the support, they say it's my responsibility to provide parking. I don't know what to say, anyway they book me another appointment for today. Third day off at work, already 3 weeks without a washing machine. And I am stuck here, waiting for them to let me know when the engineer will arrive. They don't even provide a time window estimate like, morning or afternoon. You just need to take a day off and spend it at home wiring for their god damn engineer to arrive. This is completely insane.


7 years ago

After a disastrous attempt to by a 拢600 Samsung washing machine from Currys, I ended up ordering this from Argos for 拢349. Very shortly after I'd paid for the item I got an e mail from Indesit, confirming the details and giving info on delivery. As promised, I was called within the next working day and arranged delivery. I had a few problems arranging this because I was away and had to get my daughter to be in, but Indesit rang her and confirmed it with me. We were both then sent texts confirming the delivery window (which was an impressive 3 hours) and nearer the time, we were both reminded of it. On the day, we both got texts saying it was on its way.
The washer arrived promptly, and was installed by someone who knew what he was doing, and I was even given a tutorial as to how to work it!
A couple of days later, Indesit rang to ask if all was ok, which of course it was.
If only all companies could achieve this level of customer service…