3 years ago

I have not thought of this site for several years, I just stopped visiting one day, and for a long time I could not think of the name (address) of the site. Its premier feature was an asset class allocation app that was useful, even though it used, to some degree, I believe, the opinions of the creators. They were good opinions. They placed limits on some asset classes that I think were appropriate. I presume this is the same site the first reviewer was thinking of. I hope I am not still paying, I will have to ask the boss (wife with an MBA, whom I let free to do the household books.


9 years ago

Index Investor is no longer providing a newsletter for its subscribers. Yearly membership is $195.00 and there has been no communication from the site about why the newsletters have stopped or offering a refund. Avoid this site if you wish up to the date information and analysis.