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Website & Phone: Mp 89 I-90 Cle Elum 98922 United States

7 months ago

The Indian John Hill Rest Area has rest stops on both Westbound and Eastbound sides of Interstate 90 (I-90). The rest stop on I-90 going Eastbound has a huge grassy lawn which is great for if you want to walk around while you are here. There is a restroom building and a small building for coffee when operating. The bathrooms have been clean in my experience and the lawn well maintained. There is a long strip of parking for vehicles other than those with trailers and large trucks. This means one may have to walk a little ways to get to the restroom building if you have to park at the end of the parking strip.

The Westbound rest stop has a smaller grassy lawn and a restroom building. The restrooms here are also well maintained. The coffee area is a small walled in area located under the same roof as the restroom building, just not attached by wall to the restrooms. When I stopped at the Westbound rest stop most recently, the 29th of June 2020, it was super windy. Make sure to have your car keys when you step out of the car. The wind slammed my door shut before I was ready to close it. Also, I found the wind to be so strong as to jolt my car sideways in this stretch of highway.

Both rest stops have signage providing context for the highway you are driving along to reach the rest area (I-90 also called the Blue Star Memorial Highway). Maps of the different rest areas along I-90 and of the geographical features along I-90 are posted at both rest areas. Some historical context is also provided in regards to the naming of the rest area.

An enjoyable place to explore and learn a little bit about the area and transportation routes one is using while stopped to rest, walk around, and/or use the restroom.


1 year ago

I've been stopping at this I90 rest stop for decades. Its always been clean.

Theres lots of doggie/pet areas – and ample supplies of doggie-doo-waste bags, so if you see someone slouching away without picking up, feel free to yell at them!

Coffee sometimes available.

Cramped (mobbed) on busy days.

Easy on/off, well marked on the freeway.

Keep up the good work.


1 year ago

We were so happy to find this stop before heading over the pass.

Good parking. Picnic areas. Very large dog area. People need to pick up after their dogs! Watched several people just let their dogs do their thing and ignore it. I hate this!

Clean bathrooms. Adequate stalls.

Volunteers serving coffee which I really needed. Thank you!


3 years ago

This is one of the best. Tons of parking. The road goes straight in and straight out…so there is not congestion. The facility is clean and there is a lot of space to get out and move (or let the dogs out) if you need to stretch鈥?your legs. The top of the mountain is beautiful (E bound). AND there are volunteers for various organizations that serve hot coffee and freshly baked (sometimes freshly store bought) cookies and bread鈥?and other baked goods. Donate the change in your car to their charity as a thank you! Traveling and saving the world…one rest stop at a time:)


3 years ago

Heading west, this is your last chance before the pass. Take advantage of the facilities; I have, multiple times. Just hold onto your hat or your hubby cuz it is always WINDY here.

Heading east, you made it, thru construction and one-lane slowdowns, over the pass to grandmother's house we go, so pull over and enjoy the fact that you are on the other side of the pass where life slows down in Eastern Washington or at least there is a lot less traffic!

These two rest areas are on opposite sides of the freeways, no intermingling between eastbound and westbound traffickers.

Westbound Girls (these are not gender neutral) bathroom was clean.


3 years ago

Just a heads up for westbound travelers, this rest area is closed for repairs. We drove by at 5pm today.


4 years ago

OK.. so I'm actually reviewing a rest stop. Whoa! Well, this one is one of my faves. The restrooms are always clean. During the winter when it's butt cold outside and covered in snow, the restrooms are nice and warm. During the Spring and Summer months, there are volunteers that give out free coffee and goodies.

There are also picnic tables and an open area for the kids to run around and let out some energy. Plus a pet section for the cute and furry babies of the family.

I love the lookout area where you can view the varying mountain peaks. There's also a sign that describes what they are. This is a perfect photo opportunity.

So if you happen to be driving along I-90, it's near Mile Post 89. If you're headed East, it's after Snoqualmie Pass. If you're headed West, it's the first rest stop after the Thorpe Fruit Stand before you head over to the Pass.


4 years ago

Clean rest area just like the others.. Quiet too. Lots of big trucks park here.. It's just like what people said.. It's a good place to take a nap. I'd take one too if I could. Hahah. They have little picnic tables too. I didn't go to the the little doggie park they have. So I don't know the state of it.


5 years ago

Once again, it's a rest area!
Once again, the dryers are still the same. From many years ago.
Once again, the bathrooms are clean.
Once again, they have vending machines.
Once again, the only people who spend more than 5 minutes here are truckers parked sleeping.


5 years ago

The restrooms were clean and the free coffee volunteers were there this afternoon.


6 years ago

Beautiful Clean Rest Area Commemorates Our Armed Forces


Along The Blue Star Memorial Highway (Interstate 90) lies this Rest Area, and this stop pays tribute to our Armed Forces that have defended the United States.


In the middle of I-90 between Seattle & Spokane, this is a most fortuitous rest area to sneak up on when you least it expect it. It has everything you need:

* Clean Restrooms WITH Toilet Paper (don't take TP for granted)
* Soda Machines & Vending Machines
* German Tourists with some great chocolate!
* Grassy areas for pet-romping
* Picnic tables to chill, gather, play a round of "Card Against Humanity", etc.
* Some pretty nice people to meet at random

If they just had an ice machine, then it would be TOTALLY perfect.


A great chill-time rest stop with some basic sundries to be had.


7 years ago

A large rest stop, plenty of parking and always very clean in spite of being busy. A perfect place to stop after a couple hours of driving.


7 years ago

It's clean and the soap smells really nice – like marzipan!

Safe spot to catch a nap too if you've gotten tired.

I never seem to catch the free coffee via donation folks.


7 years ago

This is the first rest stop after the pass! After the rock blasting and lines from construction it's a must to stop!

This rest stop has lots of bathrooms, there was no line which is always a plus when you're trying to make a quick stop. They had soap and seat covers which is always a plus for a rest stop.

Another nice feature of this rest stop is the huge dog park area if you want to walk your dog as well. There are park benches for a snack. It's cool how various groups volunteer to do snacks and coffee at this location.


7 years ago

I usually stop at the one that is on I-90 going Eastbound. There is always easy parking, it's clean and the bathrooms are acceptable (but what's with the weird stall doors that are 3 ft off the floor??).


11 years ago

Indian John Hill is a family favorite for the free hot chocolate, clean rest rooms and ample parking.

The lot is always plowed in the winter and shady in the summer. The pet area is welcoming and not just an afterthought.

I enjoy the nice views & a generally welcoming environment.


11 years ago

I have stopped at this rest area over the years hundreds of times

always clean facilities, almost always have a group there with free coffee

and lots of eye candy

Washington state decided to end the free WiFi at the rest areas across the state that sucks


13 years ago

This stop was a great experience from exit to on ramp. The fresh blacktop was painted with large parking spots with plenty of handicap stalls. There is a doggy doodie area with picnic tables so people can eat and watch their dogs do .. the doo-doo. The women's bathroom was unbelievably clean–not one piece of anything on the floor and no funky odors. Each stall was stocked with toilet paper and seat guards. This is the first time I've found a soap dispenser filled with the more economic foam soap, and the hand dryer worked like a charm.

This time, however, the best feature was not WIFI access; it was the concession stand offering free coffee and cookies (donations accepted, of course). And if that doesn't interest you, there are vending machines nearby. Pay phones are aplenty, too. There is plenty of green grass where a number of picnic tables sit beneath numerous pine trees. It's a remarkably peaceful place for a rest area.

WiFi, vending machines, free cookies and coffee.. ? It's as if someone's grandmother has taken up residency at I-90's mile post 89 and made it her labour of love.

Is Indian John Hill Rest Area legit or scam? Can I trust Indian John Hill Rest Area?

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