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9 months ago

So far about 5 months after my hair transplant it looks good I鈥檓 waiting more time to see full result


10 months ago

Before starting my review it is probably best to give you an idea of my hairline pre-transplant. A very good comparison would be to image search Mike Hassini's hair transplant. I had a near identical natural widow's peak 鈥?so I wasn't receding or losing hair, but I wanted the temples filling in and the hairline lowering rather than being a deep V shape. I made this clear in my enquiries, sending photos of my hairline at many angles, over whatsapp. It was agreed over whatsapp that the V could be lowered and become more of a straight line. I was therefore expecting the same result as what Mike Hassini got 鈥?a straight hairline. It makes a lot of difference.

You can probably guess by the negative review score, that I did not obtain the same results. Not even close. It is 13 months since my procedure, I still have a ridiculous V shape fringe as Transes only filled in the very corners of the V. The front of the fringe has not been lowered at all. I am therefore very unhappy with what it looks like now (as it looks no different to what it looked like pre-transplant). I still can't style my hair the way I want, and still have the V shape hairline of dracula. I have asked for this to be resolved but they are not interested. I wasn't expecting them to offer to sort this out for free, but I was expecting them to at least give me a price for a correction. (My complaint was made in November 2019, so this was well before corona/covid19 made flying out an impossibility).

I believe the bad hairline was a result of the technician rushing through the start of the procedure. They shaved my hair off BEFORE the technician had even met me. The technician would have had a much better idea on how to correct my V fringe if he'd seen the hair and how ridiculous my natural hairline looks. Instead they shaved my head first, then the technician came in, had a quick look, drew a hairline on quickly and got to work. I'm staggered why they didn鈥檛 give me the opportunity to choose the hairline. A suggestion I'd make is give patients a piece of paper and let them draw what they'd like. Its a big decision, don't rush it!

I would therefore suggest to anybody thinking of going to Turkey, take a pen and paper. Or draw your own hairline on with an eyeliner pen, so you can at least give them an idea of what you'd want. INSIST on looking at yourself in a mirror before you go through with the procedure. I appreciate that they may not be able to always cater to the customer's ideal hairline, but it seems they just have no idea how to shape the hairline. Recently I went back to Turkey on a holiday (not for another transplant thank heavens) and I did notice a lot of people at the airport after having their hair transplants, and the majority of them had these laughably 'V' or 'U' shaped hairlines. I think Turkish hair transplant companies must assume us Brits WANT the windows peak/ mature hairline 鈥?it seems very deliberate that they are giving everyone these angular, receding looking hairlines. The best hairlines look straight! Yet everyone at the airport were given hairlines like Dimitar Berbatov! Of all the transplantees I saw at the airport, I only saw one decent flat straight hairline.

For perspective, I'd consulted with two UK firms before my transplant. Both understand my request for a flat hairline and agreed it could be done. As I have a strong donor area (the back of the head) and wasn't receding. I was told that the hairline I was looking for was on the minor side of hair transplants and relatively easy for the UK surgeons to achieve. I have consulted with another UK firm last week, I went in without telling him that I'd had a transplant, nor did I tell him how unhappy I am with this hairline. I wanted to see if he could spot these things himself. He immediately noticed that the widows peak needs to be filled in, and he also noticed that I'd had a transplant and my hairline is now not symmetrical.


1 year ago

I had my hair transplant on my hairline and eyebrows on 23 October 2019 and I would not recommend Transes Hair clinic. This review is purely based on the operation day, it's only 12 days since the procedure so their results might be amazing, I don't know yet. Here's my experience with them:

Starting with the positives, I was picked up from the airport by their driver and dropped at the Hilton Hotel that they book for you, the hotel is very nice and comfortable, you couldn't fault it.
On the day of the procedure I was dropped to the private hospital and met the lady who was my English/ Turkish translator, I wish I knew her name because she was lovely, a very warm person and an asset to the clinic.

I then met the main guy who's in all their Instagram photos shaking hands with the patients (I think it's his business) and spoke to him about what I wanted to achieve, he took photos, etc and I was brought upstairs. Please note although they advertise you are in a private hospital they fail to mention that this procedure takes place in a patients bedroom not a room fit for surgical procedures.

I met the doctor in this room, I was sitting on the surgical bed.
He is a very unfriendly doctor, no patience and he lacks empathy.
I was getting my eyebrows done because one was much higher than the other and I want them to match, he marked on my face the shape he thought would work, I thought they were too big and asked for them to be smaller, he was clearly annoyed that he had to do a new drawing on me. Not a good start. He also drew the new shape of my hairline, no issues with that though.

Whilst discussing my eyebrows with the doctor the nurse comes to the other side of the bed and starts shaving the back of my hair without any prior warning. With the fright I got I'm surprised she did not shave the whole way to the crown when I jumped! Oh by the way, I'm female and have long hair so this is probably extra shocking when you consider your hair quite important to you. We agreed how much they would shave but they took so much more. They asked me halfway through the procedure if they could shave more hair, what could I say when I'm half way through??
Most of the back of my head is bald now.

When I lied down on the table the started to puncture my head and eyebrows with approximately 12 holes, they then inject something in to these holes, anaesthesia I believe. This is not my first cosmetic procedure but it was by far the most excruciating pain I have experienced, I really can't stress that enough.

My body went into shock from the pain (remember you're awake for this procedure) and I was having some sort of involuntary spasm, my body could not stop shaking, instead of concern (or empathy) the doctor clearly irritated and raising his voice kept saying 'relax, I can't work like this' like that would calm me down. Eventually they had to sedate me for my body to stop shaking, why this is not done before they puncture your head is beyond me, it would make the procedure far more bearable.

The next few hours consist of the doctor making tiny cuts all along my hair line and eyebrows, then the nurses extract the donor hair and replant it in these cuts. It's a long process and during that time the doctors and nurses have people coming and going in the room, zero privacy for the patient.

At one stage I asked them to stop so I could open my eyes and look up as it felt like the room was full of people. When I looked up the nurses were working on me, the doctor was sitting at a table in the room chatting to friends, they were not even dressed in medical gowns and one had a sandwich so I don't believe they even worked for the clinic. Imagine he brought his friends in for a chat whilst I'm sitting on the bed, eyes closed, completely vulnerable with my handbag in the room too.
On a separate occasion a guy came in to chat to the nurses and he was showing them a funny video on his phone (they all started laughing after watching), this was whilst they were transplanting hair!!!
Their hands constantly smelled of smoke, not very pleasant when they are working near your nose for multiple hours.Towards the end the doctor and the two nurses started taking pictures of my head without my permission, bare in mind the clinic take pics before the procedure and the day after in your follow consultation so these photos were just for their own personal use.

After the procedure I was brought back to the hotel and had a closer look at my results, the doctor made the bigger eyebrows when I said I wanted smaller, at the time I could see he thought he knew what was best but to ignore my wishes and go ahead with two large caterpillar eyebrows is so unprofessional!

If I could rewind the clock I would go elsewhere.


1 year ago

I would like to say thank you for all you have done for me
It was amazing treatment you have done for me
Even my wife saw me she says looks perfect

They have done 4500 grafts for me
And services was perfect doctor experts was work perfect and ask me all the time I am okey or need anything during operation time sir

Thank you for Transes team
And highly recommended for all people who interest
Also contact Mr Bora he was the guy arrange all for me

Best wishes


1 year ago

I have done my treatment with transes
Hospital clean and staff was nice
I am really happy with all services

They have done 4500 grafts cover ali my head I recomand you for all my friend

Thanks for all


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