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1 year ago

So, I entered my book and it didn't win, nor was it a finalist. However, the insulting thing is that in one of my two categories, there were less finalists than in the other categories. This means that they could've celebrated my book but chose not to.

In fact, in some categories, there were no winners at all, much less finalists. In this day and age, people aren't writing and submitting unedited crap. I feel sincerely sorry for everyone who entered into a category that received no winners. You'd think an award contest would want to laud as many entrants as possible, so their deliberate exclusion is hurtful and inexplicable.

Somewhere on their site, they admit that they don't read all the books (which would be impossible, since they judge them all within two months of the entering deadline). My theory is that they research each book to see how much other praise each book has already garnered. This way, they don't have to do the actual work of judging. Because I'd wager you 10 to 1 that if I were to ask them now to discuss my book, they'd draw a blank. Or, more likely, they'd look it up and say, "Oh, right, we didn't like its cover." Or some similar drivel.

I will not be giving money to this contest in the future.

Is Indie Excellence legit or scam? Can I trust Indie Excellence?

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