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Really cool site


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indiefixx is a lifestyle blog belonging to Jen Wallace, another one of those people who seem able to do everything you'd like to, if your time wasn't already filled with too much you'd like to walk away from. She explains that it all started as a crafts and design blog, but although she is still clearly a craftsperson and designs a mean website, she's since expanded into broader lifestyle and household topics. On top of the blog, she's tacked on a book club, free art, and a galleria which showcases the work of independent craftspeople and artists. And she also does PR for other independents, helping them into business.

The site is light, decorative and cheerful. It's very feminine too, but in a female-arty style rather than a female-mommy style. It's clearly intended to be fun, entertaining, and inspiring and to engender a community spirit amongst the like-minded.

It doesn't entirely work for me, as a man, even though I can certainly appreciate the quality of the design work here and the amount of care that goes into the whole project. But I think if I wanted to look around, I'd be told, in the nicest possible way, to wash my hands and take my boots off before coming in.

If you're female, though, and you're down with the indie lifestyle and want to commune with the like minded, this may well be for you. Especially if you want to step outside reality for a bit and leave the cares of the day behind you. It's an afternoon tea and scones on the terrace sort of site, if you know what I mean.

Is IndieFixx legit or scam? Can I trust IndieFixx?

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