Indigo Platinum MasterCard

2 months ago

They definitely charge you $75 dollar b4 you even use your card so you don't have the lil [email protected]& $300 they say you have… then they don't send you your statement bill until the day after so now you paying the regular $40 plus another $40 late fee yea it ain't worth the hassle I'll be closing this BS ASAP!


2 years ago

Its the worst credit card ever!. If you apply only to try your luck you are screw. They will approve 300 hundred dollars and charge you 75 at the beginning even if you cancel the card the very moment you got approved. It happened to me, cancelled the card the instant I got approved, they sent me a letter to confirm that account had been deactivated, but also sent me the card with a 75 dollar balance for the activation fee, that of course you will have to pay off or go to collections. This is the kind of business you NEVER WANT TO DEAL WITH, EVER!!!