Inegol Home

4 years ago

This is the worst company and should be shut down! Their staff and manager at the croydon branch are a bunch of liars! Like to take your money but don't actually give you what you paid for. I ordered a bed set from this disastrous company nearly a YEAR ago but still have not received anything! I was meant to receive my other bed set (because they couldn't provide me with the one I actually wanted) today but they never! They never turned up nor informed me that they weren't going to come. Called them, told me they'll be here soon. Called them back again, have not picked up ever since! I JUST WANT MY MONEY BACK FROM NOW ON! I was very patient in waiting nearly a year for my order to arrive! I will report this company and I will want every penny of what is owed to me! They cannot bribe me with anything any more! If you're reading this (Inegol) please learn about customer service and providing what we paid for! Its called consumer rights, please understand people work hard for their money and I am very disappointed in your offer of service. Many people have not been happy with this company and If I have seen the google reviews much earlier I wouldn't have bothered. Inegol are a scam company that cannot deliver.