1 year ago

I ordered items at 2019.11.24. I have chosen and PAYED for VIP Shipping (3-7 days)!!! It was $11. They sent me an order confirmation email that had a link to my order showing a 404 – Page not found page. After days I wrote them an email that something was wrong, they sent me another order confirmation link in return that points to a not existing article again (This is not an acknowledgment of the physical receipt of the stated Registered Article).
Meanwhile I have waited another weeks after deadline the event I wanted to use the item has been passed… So item is so useless to me hence. I told them to get my money back I didn't need item anymore – they can't…. Because they have chosen the cheapest (in spite of that I payed for VIP shipping) and worst way of shipping I had a lot of inconvenience to get the items personally at domestic post office at 2019.12.18. Being 22 days late for deadline! But arrived finally, I opened up package and I found 3 tiny and thin sacks for 35,98 USD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The webshop's website doesn't show pictures on the package itself that its small so misleading. I suppose pictures must have been taken of other products that are similars only. I found products on internet similar that are at half prize and much bigger.
It is 2019.12.30. and they stopped answering emails I think ( 4 days passed since last email – they have written me general things on how they were sorry and would make me satisfied on some ways in return I said I wanted refund )