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2 years ago

Super ?…..


2 years ago

Good pirce and fast


2 years ago

Awesome and fast!


3 years ago

Multiple layers of horrible security verification. Grammar issues within their emails. Fighting customers over papal disputes on keys they did not send. They also jack up the price of their keys once you actually get into Paypal without showing you fees or anything of the sort. There are better places to buy keys. Steer clear of this one


6 years ago

They ask you to send a copy of your credit card to them! They want you to scan your credit card, block out the middle numbers then email it to them so they can see your credit card. Before they allow you to have the game key you purchased from them. Before that they send you a text to verify your cell number is correct. The request to send them your credit card Photo! Is suspicious. A foreign country! Even is paid through Paypal a safe reliable trustworthy payment method, they will not release your game key until they have a Photo of your Credit Card! I do not like this about these people. Sorry! Customer service seemed rude as well insisted to have a photo of the credit card sent to them twice. With the word INEXUS wrote in different places so it doesn't block out any of the credit card's photo. Again very Suspicious activity!


7 years ago

Sooo, I tried to buy a copy of XCOM: Enemy Within from them.
Used Sofort as a payment method. First tried doing it through G2S since there're no extra fees. That thing failed with an error. Order was unpaid, money was marked. Okay, not a big deal – cancel the payment, try again… Same result – money marked, order not paid. OK, cancel again.
I decided that I'd try direct Sofort (that has additional fees). That worked fine and I got my game. Hooray! But the trouble just started..
As an honest guy I decided to let their support know that I have cancelled the payments for two previous orders. And here things started to get reaaaally wired. First, their support sent me two keys for orders I haven't paid. OK, fine, shit happens, just delete them and tell them it's a mistake. They didn't replied.
And after 2 or 3 days I started getting emails from them DEMANDING that I pay for other two keys. They tried to scare me that they'll contact Steam and accounts that used the keys will be banned, etc. And they never listen to reason – I never asked MORE keys, I asked to cancell old orders.
So, as a result:
I have the game – that's "+"
I spent a week parrying their demands for money – that's "-"
My Sofort account is now blocked since they demanded money – that's "-"

Would I recommend them? Not in my life. Worst service out there. Even shady chinese guys work better -_-


7 years ago

The only reason I am giving them a 4 is that there is an annoying verification by code setup when you pay for the first time.
It's nothing major just another step.
As for the buying from this website I have had 2 successful transactions. So the site is legit and it works properly.


7 years ago

Ce site est jolie mais les pr茅 commande ne sont jamais suivi.
Un retard absolument inacceptable et un processus qui donne des cl茅s 脿 ceux qui ach猫tent directement et en dernier les pr茅 commande !!!
Passez votre chemin et acheter sur un autre site !!

This site is beautiful but pre order are never followed.
Absolutely unacceptable delay and a process that gives keys to those who buy directly and last pre order!
Go away and buy another site!


7 years ago

They refused to give me my key without phone verification, even though i had issueses with my phone, stay away from this company!

Is legit or scam? Can I trust

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