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6 months ago

Hi All. This review is in relation to the very official looking website ''.

Please do not be fooled by how official the website looks, nor its reviews, nor the official chat support. The website is illegitimate and all the reviews/screenshots etc are fake.

The prices are too low to be true. I bought an infernal cape, setting up my account with 550m of equipment ready for when the website owner logged into my account. He then proceeded to try various tactics to make me hand over my bank pin. After I repeatedly refused, he sent screenshots of him about to use a bot and demanded I hand over my bank pin or else he will bot my account until it is permanently banned. In the end he gave up and took the 550m but was unable to access the rest of my bank.

Please do not fall for this scam – I the website looks very official which is why I trusted it but luckily enough I at least had the sense to understand that it COULD be faked so didn't allow access to my wider bank and only risked 550m. However, losing this much still hurts. Whatever you do, avoid this website at all costs as it is a scam.

Please do not make the same mistake I made. These people are disgusting making a living off causing misery for others but I rest well at night knowing that it is only a game and I have achieved a lot more in my life than they have, or ever will, in theirs.

Avoid at all costs – don't lose a large sum of money like I did. The entire website is fake.

Is Infernalcapestore legit or scam? Can I trust Infernalcapestore?

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