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11 months ago

My girlfriend had a bump with her Infiniti QX50 on the 24/05/2019.
It too four months for Nationwide Car Repairers Glasgow to repair the car mainly due to parts taking months to arrive. We got the car back on the 17/09/2019 only to find the car going into limp mode, and the ems stating it needed servicing. We serviced the car but the problem remained. We put it into a local garage were they told us it was the actuator on the turbo, a part that should only cost around 拢250. We contacted Infiniti who stated you need to buy a complete turbo as they don't sell them separately, and it would cost 拢3000+ to buy and fit. We said the car was only 3 years old with 24,000 on the clock is there any way they could give us a turbo FOC as a good will gesture. They said as the vehicle was not serviced by an Infiniti Dealership they said no, and they were not the ones finding the fault. and were unsure of the cars history.
Will never buy an Infiniti again


1 year ago

I contacted an Infiniti dealer and asked to be alerted to any 2-4 year old hard top convertible that came in for sale. Six months later I received a call about the first two they had. Drove them, had a great experience with sales and service, bought it, and love my girl! Excellent experience. We


1 year ago

I would NOT recommend them!!! They have HORRIBLE customer service! My husband sent a check for my payment and forgot to write in the written dollar amount. They received the check on April 17 and ONE MONTH and no phone call or anything yet sent the check back alerting me. I was given a late fee of $45! When I got the check back in the mail I immediate called them, I payed two payments to bring up to date.
I called customer service today and asked to have the late charge removed since they took so long in even letting me know about the check. Diego Salada, who says he was a supervisor, said it鈥檚 noy his responsibility that my check bounced! He was super rude and insulting!! I would definitely NOT recommend doing business with these jerks!!!!! ZERO customer service skills!


2 years ago

Fantastic cars, which in my case is a rather excellent FX 30D but the Infiniti service prices are beyond crazy, and that's coming from someone who has dealer maintained a BMW M6 Gran Coupe and 2 x AMG CL63.

This is really surprising given Infiniti's miniscule UK market share, which I am sure they would love to increase but it's not going to happen by closing dealerships and charging the kind of prices you would expect at a Bentley franchise. I just assumed they would be at least as competitive with the German brands but that's not the case.

I think they need to take a much closer look at BMW, Audi and Mercedes service prices before they set far more realistic prices for the several dealers left in the UK. The brand lacks almost total visibility in the UK, which is a shame as they make some very decent cars, plus they need to take into account that many customers, like myself, might have to make a 120 mile round trip due to Infiniti having only a handful of UK dealers, which just adds to the already uncompetitive servicing costs plus the inconvenience.

Unlike Mercedes & BMW, they do not offer reduced price servicing for older vehicles over 3 years age, which is a further nail in the coffin of increasing that market share and brand awareness. It's also a loss of an additional revenue stream as most older cars tend to leave the franchised network, which I am now forced to do myself due to the exorbitant costs. MB and BMW offer value servicing of older vehicles for good reason!!

Great cars but fanciful service costs!


2 years ago

I have read review of others and have come to the conclusion that after sales of Infiniti is extremely poor and rubbish. I have a Q70 and it鈥檚 a real nice car. As long as you haven鈥檛 got any problems with it that鈥檚 fine but have been on few occasions tried to call them and have always got a answer they are busy will call back but the call usually comes after few days. I am actually very disappointed with Infiniti Birmingham after sales and with the reviews seen actually it鈥檚 not only me but others are suffering also. I have used Mazda Mercedes Chevrolet and they all have been fabulous in their after sales care.


2 years ago

Visited the Birmingham showroom. We liked a Fiat 500, a car for my daughter. Kyle was helpful and polite. None of the usual pushing salesman stuff. We agreed to buy the car. When we collected it the car it was presented beautifully. We really can't fault the whole process and would definitely recommend them. Thank you Kyle 🙂


2 years ago

We had Mercedes for many years and thought the FX looked good and had witnessed Mercedes notorious appalling garage service.

We bought a second hand Inifiniti from Reading. Within 2 years rust started to appear on the DPF, Within four years the DPF which is suppose to be stainless steel had corroded so badly it needed to be replaced, the car was just six years old and was 4.5 years old when rust first appeared. 拢2,000 for a replacement DPF. Garage said the rust was down to environmental conditions so not their fault, we live in Surrey not Alaska.

Car is now unusable




2 years ago

Just got my q50 back had to have the rear battery charged so saved me buying a new one and they gave my car a clean too


2 years ago

Ali Anson Welcome to Infiniti! What a complete joke of a company! The after Sales care of this "Premium Brand" is shocking. My wife and i both purchased a Q30 last year, within 2 days my battery went dead and then a week later my wife鈥檚 battery went dead! We had to wait 9 weeks for a new battery. Then on Friday 27th July my wife broke down again, she was left on the side of the road for 6 hours in 33 degree heat not knowing where she is to go to a shop to get a drink or anything. our car was collected only to go missing for 4 days with no one at Infiniti knowing where the car was during this time, when i asked a gentleman called Robert where my car was i got a response of " i should know where it is but to be honest Mr. stiff i don鈥檛 " We was also promised a rental car by 1:30pm , this turnt up at 4:30pm.After promised phone calls and not hearing a thing , being passed from person to person with not a single answer i finally met someone with some customer service skills. she has apologized for about 8 hours i have spent on the phone over the last two weeks , and my wife being left on the side of the road for 6 hours and the miss-communication and also having Europcar phone me today saying that Infiniti haven鈥檛 extended my lease on the car i will need to pay or further action will be taken, but when i asked for a little compensation i got " my superiors don鈥檛 think that any compensation is justified". I haven鈥檛 asked for a lot , something like a service on my wife鈥檚 car or even for them to drop the car back to my wife after it is fixed as it a long drive from where we lice to Reading but they will not even do that. The service that i have received is completely Ludacris and to be fair i would receive a better service from Dacia or let鈥檚 be honest i would probably receive better service from a burger van at a local car boot.

If I can give any one any advice would be don鈥檛 try something new and go with Infiniti STAY AWAY from this brand. You will only be let down. They will pass the blame to any one they can instead of taking ownership, not help out or call you when promised, give your constant trouble and make you feel like anything but a valued customer. Stick to BMW, Audi, Merc or any other brand as they will provide a better car with a service worth paying. I have since got my self a Audi and my wife will be following shortly. The Q30 is a knock off A-Class anyway with 45 Merc badges still on the car they haven鈥檛 even removed


2 years ago

I have had an Infiniti Q30 on PCP for the past 2 years. The car is fantastic and I haven't had any issues with it, despite it being recalled twice. Once for the rest seatbelts and again for the passenger airbag.
It is coming to the end of my contract and I am looking to return it to the dealership (slightly early, as I'm nearing what I believed to be my annual mileage).
When I called the Infiniti Finance Services they talked me through the final payments, I would have to pay up the rest of my contract and for any significant damage and extra mileage etc.
For the past 2 years I have been under the impression I had 12,000 miles per year as this is what was discussed the day I signed up to the car. I specifically recall the conversation and due to my line of work and having to travel up and down the country often I wanted to increase the 10,000 miles per year that was offered to cover me for that.
I left that day under the impression that I had the deal that was discussed, however speaking to the Finance Services they informed me my contract states 10,000 miles and I would be charged for any mileage above that and if I wanted to discuss it further it would have to be with the dealership.
The dealership in question is Infiniti Braehead in Glasgow. I called and spoke to the guy I dealt with 2 years ago when I took my car out, Michael.
I explained the situation and how stunned I was to find this out, I genuinely couldn't believe it as I felt my point had been articulated quite clearly back when the decisions were made.
The reply I received from the dealership was poor, it was essentially a 'well it's your word against mine and I have the contract on my side' sort of reply. It was suggested also that I take it up with Infiniti Financial services (who had just sent me to the dealership).
I explained that I was very upset, this has completely ruined my experience with Infiniti and that I refused to be batted back and forth. I also asked Michael for clarity that he was telling me the dealership was indeed not willing to do anything to help me. That was 6 days ago now and I have yet to receive a reply.
You can guarantee they wouldn't be like this if I was looking to take out another deal with them.
I just find it unbelievable that a car brand who is attempting to establish itself in the UK car market has such terrible customer service, especially for a customer who was bowled over by their car, their deal at the time, and has caused them no issues over the last 2 years with every payment being on time. I have recommended Infiniti to everyone I met and proudly showed off my car.
So as it stands, I will be having to pay out 8p per mile over the 'contractually' stated mileage. It will work out around an extra 拢300-400 which may not seem a lot to some, and definitely isn't to a company like Infiniti, all because the dealership made a mistake 2 years ago.
I will never recommend Infiniti to anyone and I don't suggest that anyone takes a vehicle out through them. Everything runs smooth until you have a problem and they wash their hands of you.


6 years ago

After purchasing a FX from Infiniti Hull we elected to take out a service plan to cover the next 3 years. We then had to sell the vehicle due to the arrival of a new company car. I contacted Infiniti to cancel the plan and have the balance returned to us. We were told the balance would be returned within 28 days. What was not made clear was the fact Infiniti Hull were going into receivership and our money was not going to be returned. I contacted Infiniti direct and asked why we as a customer were left chasing money from a global brand (NISSAN in reality). Their replies, several of them, made it clear that Hull was a franchise and the service plan was not with Infiniti???, so basically tough luck and deal with the administrators. The Hull branch was a full Infiniti dealership and as such should have the protection of the brand. So If you are buying an Infiniti be aware you have no protection from the brand or it's parent, NISSAN. The brand is struggling in Europe (obviously after Hull bombed) and treatment like this of it VERY small customer base will ensure it will remain that way. We now have two REAL premium brands and would never ever consider Infiniti after the dire treatment received by this shower.

Is Infiniti legit or scam? Can I trust Infiniti?

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