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4 months ago

Lost just about 900 USD , Jack Lee was the scammers email contact, after paying the proforma invoice total silence no reply and no delivery.
We checked with our police and pretended to place an order . Instant reply, proforma invoice and payment only up front to an account that is strangely private and NOT On their website. So FRAUD!!! what is fun apart from loosing money is, that their website is highly informative. Tons of techspecs, so if nothing else, one gets data sheets from their site.
It is so highly professional done, that this is for sure an encounter with the local Mob.


9 months ago

Best Chinese Scam Company in Hong Kong with the help of Hong Kong Police
This is the new website for the old scam company Infinite Electronic….
Be extremely careful….
same guy / same method
The famous Weil Lee who stole thousands of dollars from over 100 companies so far and the Hong Kong Police is a joke…..
So many companies have complained to the Hong Kong Police but they are not doing anything….
They must be getting a cut from the money….
This will never be allowed to continue in the USA….
What a shame for Hong Kong…..
Maybe no more Hong Kongers live there anymore…. all mainland chinese running the show that is why this stealing is very normal now…..

Is Infinity Electronic legit or scam? Can I trust Infinity Electronic?

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