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2 weeks ago

With the new consoles out & gpus. This game has now been updated for these platforms only. I've my 1080ti go from over 150fps to less than 90 fps in last month or 2
Absolutely ridiculous like apple. You wanna play then you gotta buy the toy to play it on. Honestly. 1080ti runs average 150 fps on most games I play get to warzone drops dramatically. Sort it out cause this sound like something you should be sued for. Updating the software so older technology can't play it


2 months ago

They keep removing Shipment 24/7 from MW multiplayer. Why remove maps that people enjoy?


3 months ago

Bunch of self loathing typical degenerates. Get this. One thing spending too little time about the wants of their fanbase but instead going for the money. Good luck in the long-run call of bullsh!t. Aldo modern warfare warzone is just a big money grab with no new innovation. No maps or mass hack banning. Never spending another dime on the franchise. To me, it's just another typical theft software
. If I were to be honest


4 months ago

Thanks for MW 🙂
And wish u good luck with BOCW


7 months ago

I will never spend another dime with Infinity Ward. They're too busy virtue signaling to fix their broken games, ban hackers etc.


8 months ago

They have ruined call of duty, useless time to go battlefeild I think. I would rate a lot lower. Shame it was so good.


9 months ago

Why do they continue to release "new" content even though it is a rehash of old maps, try to release new ideas when the old ones dont work. They should look at the software they already have without releasing stupid multi gig update and address things like game play, spawn locations and general networking protocols.

I will NEVER buy another game from these clowns. Just a waste of money. Be better buying a copy of Monopoly in its original format. Would have far more fun.


9 months ago

Stuff u infinite ward u guys are draining my ps4 storage and making me delete games for no reason considering that I still have over 100 gigabytes free u guys are the worst


1 year ago

Ifinite warfare sucks alot


1 year ago

I like it.
They deserve 5 star.


6 years ago

Makes video games, like Call of Duty.


9 years ago

Good site, terrible games. Also, age check isn't exactly helpful, wait 15 minutes if you picked anything below 18 and you can enter.


10 years ago

Good website, Bad company.


11 years ago

good site


11 years ago

I rate the entire company/website a 100% cause when i pre-ordered MW2 i got it on time, perfect condition, customer support was very helpful & polite, i recommend this company/website to everyone that loves playing on they're PS3.


11 years ago

Good, but you must write in window: you have 18 years old or up, then you can go in. When you write you have down to 18 you dont have access to enter this site for 15 minutes…

Is Infinity Ward legit or scam? Can I trust Infinity Ward?

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