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3 years ago SCAM

Like the other user on this site, I was looking for a English Bulldog. 鈥淐hris鈥?the contact person OFFERED ME THE SAME 11 month old dog by the same name as the poster from May 24. I pulled the Metadata from the photos they sent me, the geotag shows it was taken on an iPhone in 2016, the other photos had copywrites, diffrent phone models and best diffrent locations and dates. It鈥檚 obvious they are pulling photos from others. I contacted the FBI and created a report. I would suggest anyone else who has had encounters like this report to their local FBI office. And shut these guys down.


3 years ago

Looking for a bulldog found a website called infinity bulldog. Had to send a money gram for a Chris Metzger to pick up address was 514 Bixby Ct. He continues to tell me my dog would be on the next flight. Then I'm getting a call from an animal agency saying my dog can't board the plane until a refundable deposit is paid. So right then I knew it was a scam. My wife called Chris Metzger at 5 am the next morning and he accidentally answers the phone. It's the same guy for the animal transportation. Someone had to of picked the MoneyGram up. But who!?


3 years ago

Have not return my phone calls

I was looking to buy an English bulldog we had lost our dog 6 years ago from old age. To make story short I went online and found this infinity English bulldog I messaged them saying I was interested in a cute 11-week old puppy name kesy[male]. He sends me couple emails saying the total to send him would be 699 that would include all the paperwork and shots up to one year. So I did send him the money them Chris Lahore said that wopdstar would contact me for more info. They did by email saying that I need to pay 920 so they can send kesy to me to California and it would be refundable. So I did send him the 920 through Western Union. Then Starwood send me another email that my puppy is being held in Illinois Chicago bequest he needs a better air create that I can rent for 160 but I need to put 500 down and that he needs a passport and all this legal paperwork so he could fly to California and that was 1270.00 plus the 500 so that I need to deposit 1770. I had called back to the number they called me and asked why it was getting to be so much money they said they would refund 920 plus 95% of 1770 that it was just for security deposit and that the money would be refunded back to me along with my puppy. So I did send them 1770.00 just because I hated the fact that my puppy was sitting in Illinois Chicago. They were supposed to call me with the information of when the puppy was going to get here to California and the haven't I have also called and they don't answer my phone calls or email me back.

Is legit or scam? Can I trust

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