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2 months ago

This company scammed me out of 拢205 telling me because I had such bad credit I needed to pay this amount upfront, me being desperate for the loan amount did then I was on the phone to them for an hour and a half still no loan funds in my account they then said the government needed 拢295 from me which I declined due to them putting tax on the money, after arguing this with them and saying I want my money back they said it would be back in my account the next day and it鈥檚 yet to be refunded and they won鈥檛 answer my calls! Don鈥檛 fall into the same trap I did, carol I spoke to assured me as a single mother herself I would have it back or she would pay me herself 馃槀 yeah right! Scam artists!!


5 months ago

This company I've requested that the police fraud investigation team along with financial conducts authority carry out investigation into this company taking unauthorised payments from account they have no rights to do so I will get this company stopped from trading in the UK watch this space


6 months ago

Scam company. They say they need to take a 鈥渧erification fee鈥?of 11p as part of a payday loan application. Then your card starts getting hit with many unauthorised charges. They are fraudulent basically.


7 months ago

Same deal as everyone else, you click through a loan site, get offered a credit service, even though you click "no thanks, I don't want this product" you get charged 拢1 then 拢32.68 for it anyway, then dumped out at another website trying the same thing.

After contacting the different company (in my case social-identity) they issued a refund that took just one day to clear


7 months ago

Taking money out of people鈥檚 accounts by buying & selling details, I checked my account to see 拢80 was taken by a company called progress, which I did not sign up to, bunch of con artists who I will see in court!!


7 months ago

DO NOT ENTER YOUR DETAILS. THE 12p charge is bulls***. They will charge you for social crap 拢29.98 + 32.99 for another. When i have a screenshot proving i clicked "NO – I do not want to sign up for social products" i phoned directly the social companies that charged me and they refunded me instantly, i verified my details(that i didnt give them) and said my account has been deleted and i will get a refund in 3-5 days.. 40 second phonecall! so they clearly are used to this! The lady was nice atleast and i was friendly back because i know its not personally her fault.. so i asked her how they got my details and she said they gain their customers from a few loan websites that sell on customer profiles. Like infinity loans.


7 months ago

they use a loophole in the law to extract money from innocent people. please keep away!!


7 months ago

If anyone has had any money taken from there account raise a dispute with your bank stating you never gave authorisations for them to take or use your debit card details and you will be given a refund in two working days, I did, then report them to Trading standards and the financial conduct authority


7 months ago

they will charge you 拢32 and be sent over to a new site of loansharks.


9 months ago

If i could give negative stars i would, without even completing the loan I got redirected to a website and they offed a monthly subscription, in which i rejected they ask for a 12 pence admin fee or whatever as some sort of confirmation which was fine by me, i then look into my online banking to notice not only 12 pence was gone but a extra 拢32.50 was gone.
I advise anyone not to use this company/broken as they are scammers.


10 months ago

There's a page on one of the end screens where it requests a 拢0.12p admin fee for the search which I had no problem with. I entered my details.
It then had the option of subscribing to point, I clicked no.
However the money STILL came out of my account. The subscription costs 拢32.
It wasnt a fault on my end as there are many many reviews on trust pilot for point social which the exact same issue.

I would just watch out for this broker site as it will most definitely charge you at the end for a subscription.
The actual broker site I'm mutual on but I didnt further a loan application because of this.

Is Infinityloans legit or scam? Can I trust Infinityloans?

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