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4 months ago

I was a member for two years. The center itself is not bad, the issues arise when it comes to money. They increase prices without notice.
During the lockdown months they received financial compensation from the government, yet continued to take money from the customers with the promise that we will get that back in the following months up until october. I cancelled my membership at the beginning of may, hence i should receive a refund for the money they took from me in what i find an ILLEGAL way, since they were also aided by the state. They refuse to refund me and instead offered me a voucher that i have no use for. It鈥檚 132 dkk they owe me, so not a huge amount, but it is the principle of feeling entitled to their customer鈥檚 money that bothers me.
Also highly annoying that one cannot contact them, as they don鈥檛 provide an email or phone number.


5 months ago

See Shannon Taylor's experience with this terrible company (a few down below) – I had a very similar experience with them.


1 year ago

Perfekt fitness center med alt udstyr 🙂


1 year ago

I went to the reception (Infitness Aarhus C) at the beginning of June and unsubscribed.
I have paid for June and July and, now, they are threatening me with legal action if I do not pay the bill for August.

I have paid it In fear of a fine. I demand a refund and proper unsubscription.


1 year ago

Nice and clean gym


3 years ago

This is the most unreasonable company I have ever dealt with. They insist that you cannot cancel a membership any other way than in person during staffed hours, which is simply not always possible for some people for a variety of reasons.

I had to leave Aarhus on short notice and was unable to return to cancel my membership at Infitness. I wrote and asked that my membership be cancelled (at the time of enrolment, the staff member who signed me up told me I could cancel "at any time, no problem"). I received only a copy of membership rules, in Danish, in reply. Not even a personal reply from a staff member. From the membership rules, I was informed that it could only be done in person. So apparently I should fly back to Aarhus to cancel my gym membership??? How ridiculous is this company?

Because there is no phone number or any other way to contact this company, I emailed several more times, and only ever received form letters in reply – for months on end, no one who would address my issue on a personal level. They continued to withdraw payments from my bank account every month. I then asked my bank to stop payments to Infitness, which solved the problem for 2 months, until they were able to re-register payments. I did not realise this for some time, and have ended up paying for about 10 months of unwanted membership, despite asking repeatedly for it to be cancelled.

This is the most unreasonable and deplorable company. They take advantage of the fact that many people in Aarhus are there short term and might not be able to cancel in person, and are completely unsympathetic and unaccountable in their business practices. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

**Edited to reply: As you can read in my original review, I did contact member service, repeatedly, for months, and their "solution" was to send me form letters with the membership terms. It was only when I was forced to entirely disable payments on my bank account that a staff member actually wrote me a personal email to demand payment. And when I explained the situation, her "solution" was to treat me like I had defaulted on payment and tell me I would still have to pay for all the months that I had tried to cancel membership. The Infitness "solution" has me paying 2000kr for months of a gym membership I didn't want and couldn't use. Worst customer service experience I've ever had.

Also worth noting, the vast majority of Infitness' positive reviews on here seem to be written in sudden big batches on the same days, September 8 and May 17 – almost as if those reviews had been incentivised somehow. But I'm sure that's only a coincidence.

2020 update: Infitness has tried multiple times over the years to have this review permanently taken down, even going so far as to claim I never had a membership there, but it remains here because I was a real client of their gym who had this experience. I hope maybe now they realise that a little bit of human understanding and fairness in dealing with their clients could have avoided all of this unpleasantness for both us.

Is Infitness Denmark legit or scam? Can I trust Infitness Denmark?

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