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6 years ago

These people are spammers, pure & simple. Whatever you see, delete it instantly. Do not click on anything


8 years ago

Infoaxe, Flip, Flipora – same thing.

You receive an email that looks as though a friend sent it. The friend invites you to join the social network they belong to. You can click Yes or No.

If you click Yes, Infoaxe – who really sent this message – accesses your ENTIRE ADDRESS book, without you knowing it. It then sends the same email to everybody in your address book, looking as though the email came from you.

If you receive this email, report it as phishing (in gmail you can do this from the dropdown menu under Reply) and mark it as spam.


9 years ago

Very sketchy company. My mother got tricked into giving up her email contacts list. Now, all of her friends and business contacts are getting spammed to join.

Do this a couple times, and that's how you get 7 million "users". There are no users. It's just 7 million stolen email addresses.

Don't touch this company.

Is Infoaxe legit or scam? Can I trust Infoaxe?

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