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4 years ago

Genuinely the worst SaaS product I've ever used.

Looks good on the outset, but it's lacking so many basic features it's just not funny. Whenever you approach a task which you believe should be basic, Infusionsoft simply can't live up to the task. You then speak to their chat support, who, are litterally the most incompetent people I've ever had to deal with. If they can't help, they'll pass your query on to their advanced support, who you can only speak to by email. The IQ of the people working in their advanced support must be lower than that of my dog.

If you complain and ask that an account manager give you a call, you are told that they'll "try" to get someone to give you a call, but can't promise anything. They literally show that they don't really care. I don't think even the staff have much faith in the company.

Ironically, when you become a prospect of Infusionsoft's, they don't even use Infusionsoft to manage you as a lead… they use Salesforce to manage their sales! That speaks VOLUMES!

WORST of all, I'm tied into Infusionsoft for 12 months now, so I can't even cancel

I hate this company beyond belief as a result of my terrible experiences.


4 years ago

Even after a couple of friends told me they had negative experiences with Infusion Soft I still decided to go ahead as it seemed that it would do everything I needed it to.

The sales guy told me I would need to pay for the Kick Starter set up fee in addition to the expensive monthly fee which was almost $2000 AUD. After waiting almost 6 weeks to get things set up, I finally received a call from the IT guy (after a lot of emails chasing them up) to arrange the set up and I was told that the $2000 was for him to upload a basic CSV file (which I could have done myself in 2 minutes). Waiting 6 weeks & paying $2000 for a basic CSV import is ridiculous. The other data I needed to upload couldn't be uploaded as it wasn't in a CSV and he told me I would have to manually upload this data myself, or pay them more money to do it. I also asked if I could BCC a client into the CRM when emailing clients, and the program doesn't even offer this basic functionality.

I have used many platforms over the years and I currently use High-rise, Aweber, Asana and Zapier which work ten times better, the tools have better customer service and are a fraction of the cost to Infusion Softs clunky platform & lack of customer service (they take weeks to respond to emails).

Overall, after purchasing & using Infusion Soft I quickly realised that it is an over glorified basic program that is outdated & a complete waste of time and money.

I purchased the platform 2 months ago and my wallet is over $2000 lighter and I have nothing to show for it except a lot of wasted time & energy.

Is Infusionsoft legit or scam? Can I trust Infusionsoft?

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