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4 months ago

I called the bank 3 times because the card wouldn't let me buy any online games, it only works on amazon / delivery services. they are extremly customer unfriendly, dont know how to do anything AND NEVER do ANYTHING. all cards could be stolen and they wouldn't care! the bank is a monkey show


5 months ago

My card was stolen so I called to block my account and replaced the card.

Two weeks later the card arrives (can't believe it takes so long) and then it gets blocked. Called to see what the issue was, it was that because it is a new card then I need to wait or a pincode.
I have been waiting for THREE MONTHS.

I can't access my money, my app, nothing.

Finally two weeks ago I was connected to a manager and she offered to get a pincode sent to her branch to be picked up since it won't come to me.
Two weeks ago and the pincode is not there yet.
She will let me know when it comes, meanwhile I can't even buy milk because my account is blocked.
I'm considering looking for legal advice.


5 months ago

Arrogant, completely customer unfriendly, switched from off-line home banking to App or website only, terrible for international transactions, completely user unfriendly, helpdesk is useless and when you write them an email you might get a response in a blue moon and the content is useless yet again, on top of this they rip you off on international transaction fees


7 months ago

Used to be fine, but they have got rid of the good people and installed systems that do not work. Trying to get anything done became a complete clown show.

I was left for several months with no access or visibility to my account. Incorrect text messages wasted my time, written and verbal instructions were ignored.

I have had to change banks. A process ING has completely messed up also. They ignored written instructions to pay and close the credit card account before closing the current account, and provided no instructions as to pay the credit card balance – that mess is still on-going. Meanwhile the credit card balance increases (for no reason I can see) plus the interest. Run from this bank as fast as you can.


9 months ago

No more agency, only cash dispensers. No-one answers the telephone. No answers to e-mails. If your card is lost, or blocked, or whatever, you have no access to your money for days and days without any solution in sight.


1 year ago

Typical bank in EU, one of the worst in Europe. Website said Free account, at the end of the year, charged me more than 100EURO. Free account my s.
Plus today they closed all of my accounts for no reason. Article 59 my s!


1 year ago

Bravo al manager ING Belgium J.P. Moeneclaey che con intelligenza ed attenzione al cliente ha rimediato a qualche piccola svista di un'agenzia ING e del servizio clienti.
Queste 5 stelle sono per aver ben rappresentato ING e dato un buon esempio di customer care.


1 year ago

The most complicated and unclear banking ever. If you open a saving account, they will automatically open an investment account and transfer ~25 eur every month there. And you can't close it! You always have to have at least 25 euros otherwise they will charge you extra. And even if you sell all your investments, and close this investemnet account, they will reopen it again without letting you know.

Overall also very poor customer service. They can print your transactions for you, but if you ask about anything more complicated, they will call somewhere else, then say that someone not available and suggest to come another day.

Overall the worst and the most annoying banking experience I had so far (and I had bank accounts in Russia, UK, Germany and Belgium).


8 years ago

This is an official site
ING Groep NV
Domain Administrator
P.O. Box 1800 loc. code CT
Amsterdam, 1000 BV
Email: [email protected]


11 years ago

Site of the Belgian ING bank.

Is ING Belgique legit or scam? Can I trust ING Belgique?

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