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3 months ago

I managed to open my account with a bit of trouble, but it works and so does the app on my phone.
My girlfriend tried to open an account and emailed all the documents they asked for, send hard copies when asked, emailed them again when asked and when asked to email them again she gave up.
their loss she is a very high earner, but their loss.


4 months ago

I am English and have lived in France for four years. I recently moved my accounts here but I now very much regret doing so as I have endured a long series of problems with ING. This has now including being excluded from access to my own money – more than once! They may be cheap but there is a good reason! By comparison it appears that my original French bank was reasonably good after all!


1 year ago

Their service is much better as other online banks such as N26 etc ING direct France is a good alternative for regular banks with high fees. If you compare other bank fees such a Credit Agricole, etc ING is a very good alternative, their website is very clear only people who can't read French will have a problem such as most of the English speaking people who like to open an an account at ING France


1 year ago

I had the bad idea to try this bank: I don't know how it works in other countries but in France IT DOESN'T. It tooks me three months to complete the process for opening the bank account and the lack of communication between the different departments was shocking: every time I called the cusotmer service I had to explain all again (in French, because no English assistance is contemplated) and every person gave me different instructions (all wrong).
When I finally managed to open the account I couldn't access to my personal space because my ID wasn't active: finding help was HELL! I wrote on the ING webcaf茅 which is just a smart way for the bank to avoid to spend money for a real help service: I found some nice users that tried to help but no real help from ING. I called the customer service several time and nobody knew what to do. One of the person I talked with told me that I was going to receive a letter with instructions about what to do in the next days but I didn't. Finally some moderator from the forum shows up, I send them the information and the day after I received an email telling me that they weren't able to open my bank account (without saying why). I LOST MORE THAN FOUR MONTHS! I don't care about that specific bank, I just needed a bank account: if they had said before I would have been able to open my account somewhere else. Plus, they closed my previous bank account with another bank (as I requested) BEFORE KNOWING IF THEY WERE ABLE TO OPEN ONE WITH THEM!!!!!!! So now I have the money form the closed bank account that cannot be transferred to my ING account since is not opened but can't go back either bacause the former account is closed. WELL DONE! REALLY GOOD JOB!


2 years ago

I have been trying to cancel my account at ING Direct for years, they never answer my mails, lost my documents and when I call them no one has any information about my account. From the first day I open my account I only had issues, it took them 6 MONTHS to open my account and never received the secret code to access the online banking, every time I contacted them to ask for the secret code they asked me to send them a letter by mail and never received a reply to my letters. They are by far the worst customer service organization I had to dealt with in my entire life.


3 years ago

Client for 4 years. Was good in the beginning but I'm getting fed up.
– To make a transfer abroad you have to call support and go through a 10-minute verification process then tell the IBAN over the phone – welcome to the 1980s
– Millions of bugs (in the iOs apps, in the direct debit management, in the spending categorisation, in the transaction history export) – for an online bank this is unacceptable. Some of the bugs got fixed 9 months after they confirmed that they are "wroking on it".
– Fake advertisement (card limits abroad are half of what's advertised)
– No replies to reclamation letters
– Bonus: stupid, slow javascript-rendered animations that make the website's usage a pain

When they launched they were the only free, online bank, but now there are many alternatives, like Fortuneo, N26, which are also free and have extra options like Apple Pay.


8 years ago

This is an official site
ING Groep NV
Domain Administrator
P.O. Box 1800 loc. code CT
Amsterdam, 1000 BV
Email: [email protected]


9 years ago

J'ai mis tr猫s longtemps pour me laisser apprivoiser. J'ai perdu beaucoup de temps. Tr猫s bonne banque en ligne. Usage tr猫s facile et conviviale. Je recommande


10 years ago

client depuis quelques mois. 莽a va rien 脿 redire


11 years ago

l'une des meilleur banque en ligne peut-锚tre m锚me la meilleur, a voir et a asseye


12 years ago

Tr猫s bon site et bien s茅curis茅

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