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Police Scanner - Live Radio
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Version: 1.25.8-230823043
Developer: Police Scanner, Scanner Live Radio App

The Police Scanner App is a powerful tool that allows users to listen to live police, fire, and emergency radio transmissions. With this app, you can stay informed about incidents and events happening in your area in real-time. Whether you're a news enthusiast, emergency responder, or simply curious about what's happening around you, the Police Scanner App provides a unique window into the world of public safety communications.

Features & Benefits

  1. Real-Time Updates: The Police Scanner App offers live streaming of police, fire, and emergency radio transmissions. This means you can listen to the action as it happens, keeping you informed about incidents, accidents, and other events in your community.
  2. Wide Coverage: The app provides access to a vast network of radio channels, covering not only local police departments but also fire departments, EMS services, and other emergency responders. This comprehensive coverage ensures that you can tune in to various agencies and stay up-to-date on multiple fronts.
  3. Customizable Favorites: With the Police Scanner App, you can create a list of favorite channels for quick and easy access. This feature allows you to personalize your listening experience and focus on the channels that matter most to you.
  4. Background Listening: The app enables background audio playback, meaning you can continue to listen to radio transmissions even while using other apps or when your device is locked. This feature ensures that you don't miss any critical updates, even if you're multitasking or your screen is off.
  5. Community Engagement: The Police Scanner App often includes chat or comment sections where users can interact with each other. This fosters a sense of community among app users, allowing them to share information, discuss incidents, and build connections with like-minded individuals.

User Reviews

  1. Mark: "The Police Scanner App is my go-to for staying informed about local incidents. The live streaming feature is fantastic, and the wide coverage of channels ensures that I get a comprehensive view of what's happening in my area. It's a must-have app for anyone interested in public safety."
  2. Lisa: "I find the Police Scanner App incredibly useful for my work as a journalist. It keeps me updated on breaking news and allows me to respond quickly to developing stories. The customizable favorites and background listening features are a game-changer. Highly recommended!"
  3. Mike: "As a volunteer firefighter, the Police Scanner App is an indispensable tool. It helps me stay connected with other emergency responders and provides valuable situational awareness. The app is user-friendly, and the community engagement aspect is a bonus."

Similar Apps to Police Scanner App

  1. Scanner Radio: Scanner Radio is another popular app that provides access to live police, fire, and EMS radio broadcasts. It offers features like notifications for major incidents, the ability to add custom feeds, and a directory of scanner feeds from around the world.
  2. Broadcastify: Broadcastify is a platform that offers live audio streams of public safety radio communications. The app allows users to listen to a wide range of channels, including police, fire, aircraft, marine, and more. It also features incident alerts and the ability to submit recordings.
  3. 5-0 Radio Police Scanner: 5-0 Radio Police Scanner provides access to thousands of live police, fire, and EMS radio channels. It offers features like location-based scanning, the ability to record and playback transmissions, and the option to share interesting incidents on social media.

Name: Police Scanner - Live Radio

Developer: Police Scanner, Scanner Live Radio App

Category: News

Price: Free

Size: 61.5 MB

Version: 1.25.8-230823043

Installs: 5M+

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Package: police.scanner.radio.broadcastify.citizen


The Police Scanner App is an invaluable tool for staying informed and connected to public safety communications. With its real-time updates, wide coverage, and customizable features, the app offers a unique window into the world of emergency responders. Positive user reviews highlight its usefulness for various purposes, from news gathering to volunteer work. Similar apps like Scanner Radio, Broadcastify, and 5-0 Radio Police Scanner provide alternative options for accessing live radio broadcasts. Whether you're curious about your local community or have a professional need, the Police Scanner App keeps you connected to the pulse of public safety.