Universal Oily Welding Glue – My Gear Pick


Introducing the Universal oily welding glue . theSUPER ADHESIVE GLUEyou need to have with you or in your home all the time.

Universal oily welding glue is aSUPER ADHESIVEandFAST DRYINGGLUEthat has aLOW THICKNESSmaking itEASYtoBLENDto theITEMS or surfaces thatneeded to be glued.

It isethyl-based cyanoacrylate adhesivethatbonds almost immediatelyupon contact. It has very strong adhesion quick as30 seconds. It is specially created to stick and bond even the hardest surfaces.

It is an inexpensive repair glue kit that can fix absolutely anything from bicycle tire to large truck’s tire and other stuff! Absolutely effective and convenient!


Our Universal oily welding glue is perfectfor any materials suchas Metal . Glass . Rubber . Ceramic . Porcelain . Wood . Plastic . Leather . Paper . Stone Fiber and even the hard-Acidic Woods.

Waterproof and temperature resistant-Water repellentdoes not disintegrate with water.

Wide range of application-It can be applied to different types of tires and other kinds of stuff.

Safe and easy to use-This Universal repair glue is anon-toxic .non-hazardous . and non-flammable with an environmentally friendly formula plus . it doesn’t stick to hands.

Universal oily welding glue


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