Kitchen Stove Knob Cover Protection (2PCS) – lightmaroon

$23.99 $9.97

Keep your stove knobs away from your kid.

It’s hard to avoid your kidsto touchthe stove. But you can avoid letting themto touch the knob and turning it on withKitchen Stove Knob Cover Protection.

The Kitchen Stove Knob Cover Protection is designed to fully cover your stove’s knobs. It prevents your kids or pets from turning on the stove and starting a fire. No worry about theappearance as the elegance will be kept even with the cover on.


  • Effective Cover:
    Fully covers the stove knob which adults can easily open with one hand . but not kids.
  • Enhanced Safety:
    Prevents babies and pets from opening the stove and prevents accidents.
  • Elegant Transparent Look:
    Your stove will still look elegant even with the protection cover on.
  • East Installation:
    Install the stove knob cover with the 3M adhesive . drill or to use other tools.


  • Material: GPPS
  • Colour: Transparent


  • 2 PCS x Kitchen Stove Knob Cover Protection


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