– (2PK) iPhone To TV HDMI Cable – AmazingTrendz

$159.99 $47.99

Do youever feellike yoursmartphone screenjust isn’tbig enoughfor yourgames .videos .presentations . etc? Well . we got asolution for you!

ThisiPhone to TV HDMI Cableinstantlytransfers your small phone screen to your TVwithout a hassle.

Plus . anadditional USB cableis connected soyou can charge your phoneat the same time!Now you can dogamingorwatch Youtube from your phone on the big screenwith better sound!

No need for Wifi .hotspotor anysettings!Justsimply plugand wait about 5-10 seconds andclick “Trust” on your devices . this willmirroryouriPhone/iPadtoHDMI-equippeddevices automatically (TV . PC . projector). Fromsmall screento now abig screenfor your viewing pleasures!


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