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The3D Auto-leveling Laser Level with Pulse Functionprovides all-around leveling coverage with 360??no dead angle and enables you to work in different parts of a large room. It has rechargeable battery packs that can last about 8 hours. And with the charging function . this laser level can be used with direct power input even without the battery.

TheIP54 water/dust-proof ensures working well in lousy working conditions. Protected all sides make the laser level enough wear-resistant . shock resistant and impact resistant.

It is accurate and clear in the sun which means available for outdoor using.

  • HIGH-QUALITY. The laser level can provide 12 lines of green laser light for convenient use. The raised green lines are lighter . lighter . thinner and more stable than normal red lines.
  • 360-DEGREE VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL PROJECTION.The Cross Line Laser projects a horizontal and vertical laser line with 360 ?? of combined or independent green laser lines on the wall . allowing you to work in different parts simultaneously. a big room. All of this allows you to perform a 360-degree level transfer . weld transfer and work in space . both indoors and outdoors.

  • HIGH-ACCURACY.Accurate measurement with +/- 2.2mm / 10m leveling accuracy for laser lines. The light emitted in green light is higher because of the modified wavelength relative to the red light. When working with a lot of ambient light . green laser lines offer twice the visibility of comparable devices with red laser lines. Ideal for working in very bright environments.
  • PORTABLE AND EASY-TO-USE.Compact and lightweight for easy grip . but big enough to sit stably; Equipped with a zippered pocket . can prevent dust for storage and protects the level and the base in L against shocks/scratches
  • WIDE APPLICATION. The laser line level can be used wherever precise verticals and horizontals are needed . typically in the building and cabinetry industries. It is also for the masonry . the installation of work plans . the painting . the installation of stairs . the decoration of the wood . the installation of suspensions of ornaments . etc.


  • Material:Metal+Plastic
  • Color:Green
  • Laserline:12laserline
  • Waterproofrating:IP:54
  • Overallaccuracy:??2.2mm/10m
  • Workingrange(radius):25m.
  • Workinghours:8hours
  • Laserpower:100mw
  • Laserlight:360*3
  • Laserlightsource:thewavelengthof532nm
  • Horizontal/verticalaccuracy:??0.2mm/1m
  • Automaticlevelingrange:??3
  • Greenlightworkingtemperature:0??to40??


  • 1 x3D Auto-leveling Laser Level with Pulse Function
  • 1x 2 pcslithiumbattery
  • 1xBag
  • 1x Convertline
  • 1x Charger
  • 1 x Glasses
  • 1 x Manual


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