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Enjoy your skin as new with this Skin Tightening 5 in 1 Facial Lift Massager!

  • 1 Mesoporation
  • 2 Electroporation
  • 3 LED Light Energy
  • 4 Radio Frequency (RF)
  • 4 Electric muscle stimulation (EMS)

6 types of light therapy: red . green . blue . yellow . pink . intermittent pink.
The LED light works by sending light that produces energy to the deeper layers of the skin. LED treatments minimize fine lines and wrinkles . treat sun damage and stretch marks . and reduce redness after more aggressive treatments with IPL or laser.

This facial device will make you wear a new face.
It serves for easy daily care by making your skin look toned and radiant. Remove old cell debris . stains and pimples. Reduce the size of your pores and increase the elasticity of your skin.
You only need 10 minutes a day and it is a rechargeable device.


Press the “POWER” button to turn on the device and choose a type of light by pressing “LED SEL”. button. Then adjust the power output levels by pressing the “POWER” button.


  • 1. Clean the skin and make sure you don’t carry metallic things.
  • 2. Apply lotion / essential on the skin and prepare the device.
  • 3. Massage the skin with it for 10 minutes each part per day.
  • In the same part . the treatment will not last more than 20 minutes.
  • The system will stop automatically every 10 minutes.
  • 4. Clean the skin and the device after use.


1. EMS (electrical muscle stimulation)

Stimulates the rejuvenation of collagen in your skin. Giving it a smooth and healthy appearance . softening and improving the elasticity of your skin . they look smooth and healthy.

2. Mesoporation

It is the combination of mesotherapy and electroporation. Mesotherapy is a system that manages the incorporation of active ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin.

Mesoporation alters the surface of the skin by opening cell phones to create moisture channels or mesopores . allowing greater and better transport of high molecular weight agents to the skin.

3. Electroporation

Electroporation is a non-invasive treatment that provides ingredients to the dermal layers without the need for

4. Radio Frequency (RF)

RF energies can be used for patients of all skin types and allows different depths of penetration . which allows for greater collagen contraction and the production of new collagen.

5. LED light therapy

The LED light is used to provide a painless skin care treatment that increases the potency of the skin by increasing collagen production and treats mild to moderate acne.


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