5V UV Light Phone Sterilizer Box with Aromatherapy – Stylish New Deals


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This 5V UV Light Phone Sterilizer Box with Aromatherapywill have all youressentials clean in no time! Stay protected from bacteria on your mobile phones . makeup tools . accessories . mask . and more!The UV target light will target hard-to-reach areas . eliminating bacteria and up to 99.9% of bacteria. Press the cleaning switch to keep the indicator light green to start disinfection; the machine will automatically stop after running for 3 minutes after the end of cleaning.

This large sterilized space UV sterilizer is compatible with mobile phones under 6.5 inches. Ideal-for iPod . mp3 player . Bluetooth headsets . toothbrush . watches . small toys . pacifiers . glasses . keys . and any other small items.

There is also anAromatherapy function. Keep your essentials smelling clean.Press the right aromatherapy button . once the voice prompt sounds . the aroma progress is in progress. The work progress bar starts to flash forward for about 3 minutes. When the progress bar reaches 100% . the aroma is complete . the ultraviolet lightwill turn off.


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