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Align Your Chakras With The Tree Of Life

While we have our other chakra pendant necklaces . we understand if you prefer a simpler statement piece to carry with you at all times.

Our7 Chakra Rainbow Pendantis a quartz representing all the colors found in theseven chakrasto keep eachalignedtogether. We also offer a clear quartz pendant . which is thepowerhouseof the crystal family and is used to not onlyclearnegative energy but to alsoenhancethe power of other healing crystals.

Quartzis a crystal which . in many ancient cultures . constitutes a powerful healing stone. It is believed to have a variety of qualities such aspositive energy attraction .improving body and mind synchronization .andgeneralhuman body well being.

What Are The Seven Chakras?

Root (Red):Absorbs energy from the Earth and connects us to nature.I am safe. I am one with Gaia.

Sacral (Orange):Allows us to become open and enjoy meaning in our lives.I am a beautiful being.

Navel or Solar Plexus (Yellow):Promotes a deep sense of inner peace.I am free. I am strong.

Heart (Green):Radiates joy . friendliness . and empathy.I am love.

Throat (Blue):Opens us to new experiences and allows us to express ourselves.I am truth and integrity.

Forehead (Indigo):Broadens and deepens our understanding of the world.I am that I am.

Crown (Violet . White . and Gold):Leads to enlightenment.We are all one.

Dear Customers . please note:

Each crystalpendant is individually wire wrappedwith the Tree of Life around it.

Please note that pendants are made out of natural quartz; therefore .each one is different and unique.

We put much effort in each of our pieces just for you . so if the color you want is out of stock due to high demand . please check again in a few days.

What Customers Are Saying:

“Think this might be the most beautiful piece of jewelry I ownWhen I opened it I just felt so electric! I love it so much! I will definitely be buying more!”


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