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Don’t Let Chronic Shoulder Pain Limit Your Mobility
Relieve The Discomfort With This Awesome Strap!

Have you had enough with inconvenient shoulder wraps that can cause you to discomfort with their poor fit?Looking for a dependable shoulder strap to support and relieve your shoulder muscles?Then you’ve come to the right place .we have the perfect one for you! Our Adjustable Shoulder Support Brace!

This shoulder braceprovides stability and compression supportfor injuries includingsprains . shoulder dislocation . rotator cuff tear . frozen shoulderand more. Its compressionhelps to increase blood flowand helpsrestrict unwanted movementpreventing re-injury and promoting recovery.


  • Easy to wear:It takes less than 15 seconds to wear.
  • Strong yet comfortable– made with 100% neoprene fabric and an extra-strength latching strap to ensure comfortablewearing.
  • A strong fastener systemsecures brace adjustments for a nonslip . customized fit.
  • Unisex and adjustable designcan be worn on the left or right shoulder
  • Easily fits under clothingwith minimal visibility.
  • Temperature regulating blendfor all-day comfort.


  • Material:Neoprene Fabric
  • Size:33.4in x 9.4in x 17.3in
  • Gender:Unisex


  • 1 xAdjustable Shoulder Support Brace


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