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Heart Emoji . Microsoft styleCreate a clean personal space for you and your familyPrayer Beads Emoji . Microsoft style

  • Throughout the day . you’re going to come into contact with a lot of contaminants. Germs. Bacteria. Dust. Smoke. Pollen. Allergens.
  • These things are really bad for your immune system. They can easilylead to sickness of varying kinds.


  • This personal air fresheneremits more than 3 millions negative ionsthatpush pollutants away from your personal space.

  • Scientifically provento away most of smoke . cooking smells and even PM2.5 air pollutants . improve mood and sleep.
  • The perfect accessory toprotect you during flu season

  • Low battery usage and rechargeable:Charge half hour can be used for about 10 hours ensuring your protection against airborne pollutants
  • Radiatesblue lightto signify that it is working andred lightto indicate charging modeSunglasses Emoji . Microsoft style


  • Wear is as a necklace with itssmall and lightweightdesign for easy portability and wearabilityPrayer Beads Emoji . Microsoft style
  • Creates asafe and clean space for yourselfHeart Emoji . Microsoft stylewhen you are outdoors

Main function:

  1. Mini .portable necklace design . stylish and convenient to carry.
  2. Multi functions to purify indoor air .remove PM2.5 . formaldehyde . odour and dust . bacteria.
  3. Release anion groups . improve air quality effectively.
  4. Easy to operate . one button for on/off.
  5. Rechargeablelithium battery.

Product Specification:

  • Power Supply:USB
  • Working principle:anions
  • Applicable area:below 10m
  • Functions:air fresher
  • Filter type:no
  • Anion density:1m
  • Size: 4*4*1.5cm
  • Noise:below 25dB


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