Amazing Robot Bug Toy For Cats – Stylish New Deals


Love To Play With Your Cat?

CatsLOVE ToChase TheseBecause of Realistic and Unpredictable Movements.. It’s a True Challenge forALL Cats!

It Rarely Gets StuckDue To The Constant MovementThatKeepsCats Entertained For Hours!

1x FREE Screwdriver included for Replacing Batteries!EASY Battery Replacement Gives YourCat Longer Lasting Playtime

Rubbery CoverHolds Up Well to Cats Tooth And Claw.

Super Fun For Spectators!ThisToy Also Approved By Vets. ButLike With All Cat Toys .Supervision Is Required.

Below Are Some Tips And Tricks For Using It:

A Box– Put Your Robot Bug Toy In a Box.This Way It Can’t Disappear Under The Couch Now And It Will Be Easier For Your Cat To Capture It.

Fabric– Hide TheRobot Bug Under a Thin Piece Of Fabric Like a Bandana.

Paper Bag– Put YourRobot Bug Toy Into a Small Paper Bag And Watch Your Cat Respond To The Noise And Movements!

Plastic Bag– Try It In aZip-Lock Bag. Once Inside The Bag . You Can Put TheRobot Bug On Soft Surfaces . Such As The Bed . And The Toy Can Move . Make Noise And Won’t Get Lost.


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