Astronomical Sphere Ring / Pendant – Stylish New Deals

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Stands for Lovewhen foldedas a Ring! Stands for a Connection to the Universe when openedas a Sphere

Inspired by the ancient armillary sphere . this ring canunfold into an astronomical sphere.This astral souvenir is a must-keep for those who are fascinated by the sky and beyond.

Thishandmadeastronomical ring . whichwas considered tokens of knowledge in 17 century .is made of a nickelalloy.It is special modeled after the antique plating design . two colors available . gold and silver.

Sometimes it can be hard to open a foldable ring . but not with this one! We have tested it . it’s very smooth to open this armillary sphere foldable ring . you can even rotate the inner circle easily.

A jewelry piece aspowerful asbeautiful


Available sizes: 5 .6 .7 .8 .9 .10 .11

Engraved with all 12 Star Signs. Add a sense of mystery to life.

Engraved with the words: GALAXY . LOVE . LOYAL . FOREVER . ALWAYS . COURAGE . PEACE.

The Ring is a great gift for friends or lovers. 12 horoscope signs are engraved on the inner-ring.
Material: Nickel Alloy.

Note: The Friendly Store Exclusive – Not Sold In Stores!

Fine Craftmanship

The universe ball ring is handmade with High-Quality Material and Fine Craftsmanship.

This is . without a doubt . a great gift for friends . lovers.

To determine your ring size . followthe guide

  1. Use a piece of string and wrap it around the base of your finger.
  2. Use a pen to mark the point on the string where the end meets.
  3. Use a millimeter ruler to measure the string.
  4. Choose the closest measurement to the chartbelow to find your ring size. But doallow enough room to accommodate your knuckle.

The Friendly Storeis using standard US rings sizes.

    US Size Inside Circumference(mm)
    6 51.9
    7 54.4
    8 57.0
    9 59.5
    10 62.1


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