Auto & Leather Renovated Coating Paste – Stylish New Deals


  • Fast and Effective –Penetrates deep into the pores of the leather and removes the dirt deep inside your leather. For easy wiping of contaminants without damaging the leather. You can easily get a “new” car!
  • ??SAFETY –Made from environmentally friendly materials . using an oil-free formula . harmless and odor-free . it does not damage your car or other leather items.
  • ??Long-term maintenance –One-time cleaning can take a long time and saves a lot of maintenance costs.
  • ??Can be used widely –Suitable for all leather items . such as coat . sofa and so on.

How to use?

NOTE: Cars for the whole family needs about 4 bottles = 480 ml
And new flash interface will last over 3 years.

Package includes:

1 * Auto & Leather Renovated Coating Paste care products


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