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  • Are you still worried about your messy clothesand want more places? Try Vacuum Bag . simply put your clothes into the bag and remove the air with the Vacuum pump.Protect your items from moisture . mold . insects . dirt . odor . keeps your items fresh . clean . and dry.Great for long term storage and minimizing space for travel.

Main Features

  • Efficient Use Of Space
    It is very common to run out of space especially for storing clothes . turn to travel vacuum storage bags to assist you in using the space that you already have more efficiently . three times more clothes in your luggage: suitcase or backpack.
  • SameSpace & More Things
    Taking away every bit of air until it turns hard like floor. Reduce original volume by 80% for comforters . pillows . 60% off for clothes sweaters and blankets . make the most use of your space.
  • Seal Tightly
    Double zip seal and the triple-seal turbo valve works . agood choice for classification preservation and long term storage . perfect for keeping airs out . you can easily vacuum storage all your rarely used stuff.
  • Odor-Free
    Doesn’t matter if you store your Vacuum Sealed bags in a basement for long term storage or next to stinky clothes when traveling after a long trip . Our Vacuum seal bag ensures no odor ever leaks in . clothes stay fresh and clean and ready to use instantly!
  • Jumbo Sizes
    More than Big enough to fit bulky bed linens with Pillows . Favorite big winter jacket . entire wardrobes of a season. Not only do you save space but also protect valuables from insects . dust . and moisture for long term storage or Travel.


  • PET
  • PE
Product Weight
  • 80G
Product Size
  • Small: 50 ?? 70 CM
  • Medium: 70 ?? 100 CM
  • Large: 80 ?? 120 CM
Package Contents
    • Vacuum Bag
    • Vacuum Bag ?? 1
    • Air Pump ?? 1


  • Due to manual measurements . please allow slight measurement deviations.


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