Battery Heated Soft Shell Vest (Unisex) – Stylish New Deals

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With the push of a button . the rechargeable heated vest providesinstant warmth & heatwhen the temperature drops during those colder winter days. You won’t have to slip on layers upon layers of clothing to keep warm anymore. Simply put on your heated vest and stay warm and comfy for hours!

This vest revolutionizes the way you keep warm when the temperature suddenly drops. Putting on many different layers of clothing is not only uncomfortable but quite often is not enough to keep the heat inside.



  • Great for Riding . Skiing . Snowboarding . Hiking . Camping Rock climbing . and Golf
  • Promotes Metabolism
  • Consumes Excess Fat
  • Increases Blood Oxygen
  • Improves Micro-circulation and Eliminates Inflammation
  • With Adjustable Temperature
  • Comfortable . Smooth . And Skin-Friendly Material
  • Power Interface Insulated And Water-Proof
  • 1 Charge Lasts For 6-12 Hours
  • With Built-in USB Port That Can Be Connected To Any Standard5V 2A Power Bank
  • Standard Sizes

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