Bicycle Inner Tubes Explosion-Proof Lining Tire Pad – Stylish New Deals


Youare out on a beautiful tour with your bike and in the least expected moment . you feel something is goingwrong. Taking a closer look at your tires confirms your concern.Yes . one of the tires encountered a puncture!

Bicycle Inner Tubes Explosion-proof Lining Tire Pad

Then follows a somehow more or less successful repair session which is often difficult to do being on a road trip or far away from home. Why not prevent this situation in the first place?

Be prepared and protect your bicycle tires from inner tube puncture with theBicycle Inner Tubes Explosion-proof Lining Tire Pad!

Itinstalls easilybetween the tube and the inner tire wall to offerpowerful puncture protection. Use for road cycling . bicycle touring . bike backpacking . mountain bikes . BMX . and any other styles of bikes.

These are agreat low-cost alternativeto expensive Kevlar belted tires. I highly recommend for long-distance cycling and bike backpacking.


  • Thestrongphysical barrier helps block nails . glass . wire . thorns & other debris.
  • Easy installation . fits between tire wall and inner tube.
  • Thelow-cost solutioninstead of expensive Kevlar belted tires.
  • Multiple sizes ensureproper fit.

  • PUNCTURE-PROOF AND EXPLOSION-PROOF– Guaranteed never to puncture or go flat which may be caused by glass slivers . thorns . nails . bits of wire or other small . sharp objects.

  • GOOD PARTNER FOR LONG-DISTANCE RIDING– Whether riding cross country . enduro . downhill or any other variant of the sport . you’ll never worry about the puncture.

  • EASY TO INSTALL– It is quick and easy to install.Just place thembetween the inner and outer tire. The Anti-tie structure keeps the pads flattened attached to the outer tire.

  • PREMIUM MATERIAL– Made of high-quality material . durable and toughness . lightweight and strong anti-pressure ability. Contain fibrous mesh and micro-polyester fiber segments . which makes the pad stronger and more flexible. The strongest and most durable Tire Pad today!


  • Material:Polyurethane polymer composites


  • 2 pcs xBicycle Inner Tubes Explosion-proof Lining Tire Pad


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