Blingaholic Accessories Diamond Applicator Set – Stylish New Deals


Blingaholic Accessories Diamond Applicator Set allows you to add crystals to embellish any sparkling pattern you want.Itfills crystal easily inhard or softsurfaces faster with convenience!

Unlike the traditional way of adding crystal .you don’t need to pick up each crystal one at a timeby hand to place on the glue areas.Itsaves your time a lot and patiencewhich might bother your mood!


  • Magic Diamond Painting Pen
    Gather plenty of diamonds in the pen andstart your diamond art easily.
  • One push button
    The super convenient tool makes yourworks more fluentlyand painlessly!Avoid messy situation
    The applicator set facilitatesefficient pick up and pin down of rhinestonesso you canspeed up and simplify your working procedureduring DIY. No more hassle and mess whilecrafting!
  • High application
    Can apply to differentdaily products or decorationincluding phone cases . shoes . clothings . sunglasses . handbags . and more!
  • Bring out your creativity
    Make your style more specialandbe the spot light in your friends.


  • Material:Acrylic


  • 1 x Blingaholic Accessories Diamond Applicator Pen
  • 2400 x Diamonds (Mixed color)


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