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  • A reusable drawer container . easy to use . ventilated on the sides . keep eggs fresh and transparent . buy your egg clips now . you will reduce the space in the refrigerator and make eggs easier to enjoy.

Main Features

    Easy SLIDE DRAWER fortaking outeggs from your covered egg holder.
    No need to remove the Egg Container from the refrigerator. Just pull out the drawer and refill your Egg Holder.
    Save refrigerator space with these stackable egg holders.
    Egg Holders have special ventilation on the sides. They control the perfect amount of airflow to ensure your eggs stay FRESH LONGER and are DELICIOUS!


  • Plastic
Product Weight
  • 1050G
Package Contents
  • Egg Storage Box ?? 1

Product Size


  • Due to manual measurements . please allow slight measurement deviations.


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